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Royal Doulton Bunnykins

by:Two Eight     2021-02-26

The Bunnykins collection first began in 1934 and is today one of the most recognized children’s dinnerware collections in the world. The ‘Bunnykins’ rabbit designs were hand-drawn by Sister Mary Barbara who was a nun and so happened to be the daughter of Cuthbert Bailey, one of the companies managing directors. Bunnykins, produced by the Royal Doulton company are timeless pieces that have been loved and cherished by young children for many decades. Like the name suggests, the Bunnykins collection is based upon a series of rabbits made into china ornaments and printed onto children’s cups, plates, and breastfast bowls. In more recent years, the company also began producing Bunnykins silver items such as children’s cutlery, money, and music boxes. /porcelain dinnerware set with different pattern or gold/silvery trim is not only a dinnerware, but also a decoration to the food.

When speaking about vintage Bunnykins pieces, many will purchase them to keep and collect rather than to put to use. There were some concerns with materials used to craft earlier Bunnykins dinnerware pieces so many do not set out to use these for young children’s meals. From 1972 until 1974, the Royal Doulton company used the modeling talent of Albert Hallam who had previously worked designing the Beswick Beatrix Potter collection, to produce 15 Bunnykin collectible figurines. From the 1980s, until the present day, Royal Doulton continues to produce Bunnykins pieces all inspired from original artworks and designs. The Bunnykins items were all produced in England up until 2005 when they began being produced in Asia.

Or, you might select a botanical pattern that has different artsy floral prints on each place setting for variety. Check online multi-dealer sites such as Ruby Lane and Etsy to narrow down a favorite. A nod to neo-classic design, this black and white dinnerware from Royal Copenhagen marks the brands foray into experimenting with the color scheme since it was founded back in 1775. For such a historic brand, this dining set—which was handmade in Denmark—feels entirely modern. Created by effortlessly cool designers like Vera Wang, Kelly Wearstler, and Kate Spade there's dinnerware for every design taste.

Keep reading to shop eight of our favorite modern china sets and get inspired to host a formal dinner party of your own. Browse our collection of English fine china featuring over 1100 each of unique dinner, salad, bread plates, and cups and saucers. Bunnykins Teapots were somewhat rarer than the dinner sets and due to keen teapot collectors, the prices of these are often ten times more than what they were originally purchased for. Bunnykins teapots can sell for anywhere between $300.00 – $1500.00 USD depending on the condition and rarity of the item. A large teapot designed by Charles Noke during 1939, can now even sell at auction for up to $3000 USD to the right buyer.

Venice's magnificent architecture and brocade textiles inform this stunning Bernardaud pattern. Just as you would with antique china, look at your lifestyle and how you plan to use the dinnerware as you pick out a pattern.

Centered in Limoges, known for kaolin, the white clay that is the secret of the finest porcelain. Still family owned, craftsmen produce products unsurpassed in elegance and translucency. Bernardaud is one of 70 select members of the prestigious Comité Colbert which is dedicated to the promotion of luxury French goods. When buying vintage dinnerware online, use the photos posted to inspect the pieces you’re considering for damage before you pull the trigger. If you’re not sure about the condition, ask pertinent questions of the seller before making up your mind. A reputable seller will be upfront about any damage present, and he or she will understand the need for your queries. If the dealer appears to be new to online selling, be sure to request safe packing and shipping, and give him or her some pointers as needed.
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