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Reasons for the lack of glazed ceramic surface of bone china mugs and 3 solutions

by:Two Eight     2021-08-27
Bone china products (mugs, dishes, coffee sets, etc.) will inevitably encounter poor glaze luster during the production process of spray glaze. The defects are classified as orange glazes, which are caused by the preparation of the glaze and the firing process. What caused this phenomenon? Today, the editor of Guangdong Hosen Ceramics will show you three ways to solve it. Causes: The composition of the glaze is too small due to too little flux, too high melting point or insufficient firing temperature, so that the crystallization of the glaze and the melting of the glaze layer are poor. When applying the glaze, the glaze slurry is not evenly stirred and the shaft layer is too thin. The glazed green tire is close to unglazed or porous objects, and is absorbed by them to make the product partially dull. Overcoming methods: 1. Since glazes with high calcium oxide content have a greater tendency to crystallize during cooling, rapid cooling is adopted during the initial cooling stage of firing (from the porcelain white porcelin dinnerware temperature to about 750°C) to prevent glaze chromatographic crystals. It is a powerful measure to overcome the dull glaze and improve the gloss of the surface. 2. Due to the poor melting of the glaze, the glaze surface must be dull. The composition of the glaze must be adjusted. The melting temperature of the glaze with high silica or alumina content will inevitably increase. Therefore, adjust the composition of the glaze and the oxide ratio should be appropriate. Increasing the flux in the glaze, reducing its refractoriness or appropriately increasing the firing temperature is the key to making the glaze have good performance. For example, the appropriate addition of industrial zinc oxide (ZnO) to the glaze can make the glaze easy to melt, and at the same time, it can play a good role in the heat resistance, elasticity and mechanical strength of the glaze. Increase the firing range of the glaze, but too much dosage will easily cause crystallization. 3, increase the concentration of the glaze, or use multiple glaze methods to increase the thickness of the glaze layer, and the specific gravity of the glaze slurry should be maintained at 1.35-1,45. When applying the glaze, the glaze slurry should be stirred evenly. The glazed blanks should be avoided close to unglazed or highly water-absorbing utensils. The inside and bottom of the sagger should be coated with a layer of high-refractory paint. Glaze and stone tires must not be burned in a sagger.
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