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Price introduction of bone china tableware

by:Two Eight     2021-08-26
Most of the high-end Porcelain Dinnerware Set above 1,000 yuan are of special quality products, and the product patterns are mainly hand-painted, high-end golden flowers or brand-name fine porcelain; about 400-800 yuan is the mid-range bone china product quality is ' “Superior” products, about 400 yuan is generally the price of “first-class” in bone china; as for the low-end bone china about 200 yuan, it is entirely made of inferior white porcelain tableware, and the bottom is marked with bone china. In addition, the quality of the fetus is not good, and some are even fired at a low temperature. After a long time, the color will be lost, the porcelain tableware will turn yellow, deglaze, and contain a high lead content. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, it is not good for human health. Although it seems that some tableware is very good-looking, the editor does not recommend that you buy it. The main characteristics of high-quality bone china tableware: the porcelain is milky white, thin, delicate and transparent, the shape is beautiful and elegant, and the color surface is moist and bright. Tap with a porcelain spoon or flick with your fingers, the sound is clear and loud, with a reverberation. Compared with ordinary ceramic white porcelin dinnerware, bone china tableware has the advantages of high whiteness but softer and lighter color (the bone charcoal component makes the porcelain lighter), the porcelain quality is more delicate, and the light transmittance is good. Bone china is the only porcelain product invented by Westerners in the world, and it has been given a high value. At present, domestic well-known brands include: Longda, Haigrel, Red Rose, Margot and so on. When purchasing, you can also refer to the above brands to make a comparison. Since real good bone china products are expensive, everyone should try to buy them in physical stores, so that you can intuitively see the appearance and quality of the finished products are not up to the standard, and you can also avoid buying fake products online. goods.
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