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Pigments of bone china used by bone china manufacturers

by:Two Eight     2021-08-27
What is paint? A pigment is an item that can dye an object. It can be divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments in terms of chemical composition. Organic pigments are generally derived from animals and plants, and inorganic pigments are generally derived from mineral materials such as minerals. . The wholesale dinnerware suppliers details the relationship and difference between natural plant pigments and natural pigments in this information. The beginning of the article introduces the two major classifications of pigments. There are no natural pigments? That is, from the perspective of differences, the problems are different. For example, porcelain white porcelin dinnerware is divided into high-temperature porcelain and low-temperature porcelain from the level of firing temperature; from the surface decoration of porcelain, it is divided into over-glaze and under-glaze. Pigments can be divided into natural pigments and synthetic pigments from the top. One of the natural pigments is mineral pigments such as minerals, and the other is pigments obtained from natural plants and animals. Synthetic pigments are artificially synthesized pigments. By now, you know the difference between natural pigments and natural plant pigments. Natural plant pigments are natural pigments, but natural pigments are not necessarily natural plant pigments. Shouldn't you be dizzy? Natural plant pigments originate from thousands of plants in nature, and are more environmentally friendly and healthy. Large areas of chemically synthesized pigments are all extracted from kerosene. Since their birth, they have been highly praised because of their cheap costs, a wide variety of colors, and good dyeing functions. This kind of pigment is harmful to natural conditions and human body. However, the extraction of pigments from natural plants is also very costly. For example, indigo pigments require bluegrass to be precipitated through repeated fermentation processes.
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