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New bone china, ordinary bone china and high quality bone china

by:Two Eight     2021-08-08
We know that new bone china (new bone China) is also called imitation bone china, which is a kind of high white porcelain. Because it uses chemical ingredients to replace natural animal bone meal, its calcium oxide content is much higher than that of ordinary high white porcelain. There is a certain degree of light transmission. Ordinary bone china refers to bone china that just meets the standard that can be called bone china. This kind of bone china cannot achieve the characteristics of bone china that we advertised as 'thin paper, white like jade, bright like a mirror, and sound like a chimeIt can contain 25% natural bone meal), but it is still far from the high-quality bone china that can be called a work of art. First of all, the bone powder content of ordinary bone china is 25%, and what can be called bone china is a porcelain white porcelin dinnerware with at least 25% natural animal bone powder in the raw materials. Therefore, the permeability of ordinary bone china is still available, and the price is relatively high. It is also much lower than high-quality bone china. We all know that natural bone meal is more expensive, and the firing process of bone china is more difficult. The higher the content of bone powder in bone china, the easier it is for the clay body of bone china to burst during the firing process, so the price is more expensive for various reasons. Although ordinary bone china is also bone china, the process is much simpler, after all, the content of natural bone meal is not very high. The internationally recognized natural bone powder of high-quality bone china should be more than 45%. And foreign health inspections are relatively strict, so there are not many companies that can export bone china abroad. By the way, 45% of our country’s bone china is used for state banquets. The patterns are very beautiful (I think it’s better than usual. Eat more bowls of rice). Although we can now see all kinds of bone china from various channels, and the price is low, then we should seriously think about it. It can be clearly known that it is not high-quality bone china if it is obviously bright and white and has poor light transmission. Below is a comparison chart of the light transmittance of new bone china, ordinary bone china and high-quality bone china.
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