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New bone china cup non-bone china

by:Two Eight     2021-08-08
The new bone china is originally a kind of general high white porcelain. The content of calcium oxide in the composition is slightly higher than that of general porcelain. The important differences between the new bone china and bone china (bone china) are as follows:    1. The materials used are different, more than 40% of bone powder is entered in the bone china, and no bone powder is added to the new bone china. 2. Bone china is fired repeatedly, and new bone china is fired once. 3. Compared with the new bone china, bone china has softer whiteness, higher transparency, lighter porcelain, and the surface is far better than the new bone china. In short, new bone china is not a new type of bone china, but a name, cheap and confusing, so many people are deceived, so we must not be deceived by this 'new' word. 1. Put the bone china cup on the bulb (though it can also face the light), it is top-grade with strong light transmittance and soft brilliance. 2. The whole body is milky white, the glaze is smooth, and the porcelain is light and thin. 3. Tap it with a porcelain white porcelin dinnerware spoon or lay it flat with the palm of your hand and flick it with your fingers. It is crisp and bright, like Hong Zhong.
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