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Little-known well-known stories of bone china manufacturers

by:Two Eight     2021-08-27
Little-known well-known stories of bone china manufacturers Bone china was called bone ashes when it was developed, and this name is still used after mass production. In 1991, I was the director of the office of the original ceramic company. One day, I received a letter from a user in the south. It roughly meant that he bought a set of ashes china tea set. The words created an association: in the 1976 earthquake, more than 200,000 compatriots were killed. Did people make exquisite porcelain from their ashes because they missed their loved ones... So no one drank the water, and the tea set was cleaned up, he wrote Letter to the ceramic company, asking whether this Lenovo is true. This 'Lenovo' makes people dumbfounded. Although it is an isolated phenomenon, it at least illustrates a problem: the company has not done enough to promote the product. I called the director of Ge Shilin, a porcelain factory at the time, and notified the content of the letter. He said that the company has not received such a letter, but has realized the indecent of the word 'cremains' and decided to change the name to ' Bone China' and is revising existing promotional materials. He told me that bone ashes porcelain was the first invented by the British. When Chinese chinaware ceramic were introduced to the UK, a person in that country tried to imitate it, but failed many times and always burnt down. He suddenly thought that cattle and sheep can stand, isn't it because of the support of the leg bones? So he found the hind leg bones of a three-year-old young bull, burned it into ashes, mixed it with other raw materials, and even burned it into porcelain white porcelin dinnerware, which was whiter and brighter than the Chinese porcelain tableware at that time. They called it bone ashes. The current British Royal Bone Ash China is one of the most expensive porcelains in the world. The porcelain tableware we developed is also produced from the ashes of herbivores and other raw materials, so the name Bone China is also used. The reason for the modification to bone china this time is still to reflect its characteristics, but it is literally more elegant. Mr. Ge and I agreed to strengthen the promotion of bone china. I am responsible for revising the relevant explanatory words in the company's exhibition hall, and I am responsible for replying to the southern user to eliminate their misunderstandings. Half a month after the letter was sent, we received another letter from him, praising us for our serious and responsible work and our sincere service to users. Since then, the name bone china has been used to this day.
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