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How to remove stains from bone china cups?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
How to remove stains from ceramic tableware cups? The tea stains and coffee stains in the ceramic tableware cups are cleaned with toothpaste or edible salt, and the effect is very good. Usage: rinse the cup with water (without leaving water), then rub dry salt or toothpaste on the wall of the cup, and then rinse with water Salt, whether it is table salt or coarse salt, can help us remove the tea stains on the cup. After picking it up with our fingers, we can brush it back and forth on top of the tea stains. It takes no more than two or three minutes to find tea stains. It's magically disappeared! And it is not easy to damage the cup body. Citrus peels sometimes come into contact with age-old dirt. What should I do if they are not clean after washing? do not worry! At this time, you might as well look for leftover lemons in the kitchen, or peels to be thrown away after eating oranges! For coffee cups, use lemon slices or a little vinegar to wipe the edge of the cup. For coffee pots, we can slice lemons, wrap them with cloth and place them on the top of the coffee pot, and add water to full. Boil the lemon in the same way as coffee and let it drip into the pot below. When yellow turbid water droplets come out from the coffee pot, this is evidence that citric acid removes coffee stains. Generally speaking, the coffee pot can be cleaned in about two times. Adding salt to the peel If you use the peel to replace the vegetable gourd cloth, after dipping the salt, you can use it to scrub the tea stains, you can also achieve unexpected good results! If there is no peel, a little vinegar will have the same effect.
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