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How to maintain good bone China tea sets

by:Two Eight     2020-03-15
How to maintain good bone China tea sets? Bone porcelain paint process mostly adopts the glaze on the market on the applique adornment method, bone China relief and Germany's real talent process combined with paint techniques, avoid the fatigue caused by homogeneous product on the market, dazzling charming, simple elegant, bright refreshing visual experience, introduce everyone to maintenance method of bone China tea set. Bone China, referred to as 'bone China, which is also called bone China, production began in the UK. More than two hundred years, bone China, after generations of list, has grown to become the world's porcelain treasures. Bone China with makings fastidious, made careful, strict standards, its neat degrees, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability, etc. All the indicators are demanding. Due to the complexity of master bone porcelain craft, make difficult than ordinary daily porcelain, its production technology is difficult to popularize. Bone China because of its unique modelling, concise and lively, texture and delicate, white has long been a royal porcelain, is a recognized master of porcelain in the world. Bone China into the production process of animal bone, recognized bone content in 40% Called master between 45% bone China. Bone China maintenance tips: 1, try to hand wash. If don't want to hand wash, you will need to choose to have & other; Porcelain and crystal & throughout; Class dishwasher washing function. 2, do not microwave lest gold loss ( Unless the tip is the gold element of the microwave) 。 The PH value choice in 11-3, detergent 11. Between 5. With clean water, the water temperature does not exceed 80 ℃. 4, not hot cup will directly into the cold water, so as to avoid damage porcelain rapid temperature change. 5, products such as slightly scratched, can use toothpaste gently burnish, dodge scratched traces. 6, such as tea, can be used lemon juice or vinegar to clean. 7, bone China is spoiled, need careful maintenance. Bone China porcelain than normal maintenance to be more delicate, of course, wash with warm water after use at ordinary times, do not need detergent. Bone China as a master porcelain because it is high whiteness, tonal and downy is very popular among people, in tangshan ceramics can also custom design you like.
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