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How to distinguish true and false bone china cups

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
The raw materials of bone china are herbivorous animal bone meal (best bone meal is best) and the pottery raw materials are fired twice at high temperature and low temperature glaze firing. Only those with more than 25% bone powder in the raw materials can be called bone china, and those with 43% or more bone powder can be considered high-quality bone china. High-quality bone china has milky white color, high regularity, transparent and lightweight overall, few flaws, low water absorption and easy cleaning, so it has a unique sense of cleanliness. At present, there are some fake bone china, such as new bone china and low bone china, so let's talk about the methods to distinguish true and fake bone china cups. In terms of color alone, high-quality bone china is creamy white, compared to ordinary bone china, it is cream yellow (the creamy yellow of bone), and fake bone china is either bright white (white dazzling) or dark yellow. Someone previously said that rubbing the edges of bone china vessels with water by hand can be distinguished based on the occurrence. In fact, this method is not feasible because the true and the false will make a buzzing sound. Then talk about simple discrimination. One is light transmittance. High-quality bone china is transparent as a whole. When illuminated by a lamp, the whole vessel is translucent and translucent. The light passing through is white light (illuminating with normal white light such as flashlights, mobile phone flashlights, etc.) can be used as lampshades; while fake bone china, Transmittance is part of it, that is, part of the vessel is transparent, part of it is opaque, and the cast light is yellow. Ordinary ceramic tableware is also part of the light and part of the opaque, but the light-transmitting parts are very transparent. The color of the passing light remains white and does not change color. To put it simply, high-quality bone china is transparent as a whole, while fake ones are partly transparent and partly impermeable. The second is the sound. There is a finger flicking the utensil (or tapping the utensil with something). If it is a high-quality bone china cup, the sound is similar to the bell ringing and the echo time is long; if it is fake bone china, the sound is not easy to hear and crisp, and it is basically nothing. echo. In view of two points, it is possible to distinguish true and false bone china. High-quality bone china is environmentally friendly and does not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. New bone china uses chemically synthesized raw materials instead of bone powder. Although it has a certain light transmittance, it is not bone china.
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