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How to choose a good-looking bone china cup?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-28
cups have become very popular in recent years, whether as handicrafts or drinking water in daily life, because bone china cups are very good in appearance and usability; and compared with plastic disposable water cups , The bone china cup is more green and environmentally friendly. Regardless of whether the plastic cup is very convenient and clean to drink, but in fact, the plastic film of the paper cup after being scalded by hot water will generate some toxic substances into the water. People drink too much, which will cause great harm to the body. harm. So how to choose a ceramic tableware cup? First of all, we have to learn to remove the outer wall of the ceramic tableware cup. If the outer wall is smooth, it means that the bone china cup has fine workmanship and the density of the inner bone china is up to the standard. There will be no cracks on the inner wall after several times of use. Secondly, it depends on the appearance of the bone china cup and whether the bottom of the cup is flat. If the bottom of the cup is flat, it will also affect the practicability and aesthetics of the overall bone china cup. It also depends on whether the position of the cup handle is reasonably designed. The best cup handle will allow us to pick it up effortlessly and will not appear to be slippery.
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