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How does the 'coffee cup' affect the taste of coffee?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
What determines the taste of a cup of coffee? Variety, origin, processing method, baking degree, water quality, water temperature, production method, etc., there may be many answers! But, do you know? Coffee cups can also affect the taste of coffee! 1. The influence of 'shape' A study by the University of Oxford in the UK shows that coffee cups of different shapes will affect the taste of coffee. Cross-modal research laboratory researchers recruited more than 300 volunteers from Colombia, the United Kingdom, China and other places, aged between 17 and 60, basically half men and women, and asked them to taste coffee in 8 different sizes of cups Judge its aroma, bitterness, taste, strength, temperature, etc., and price the coffee. The results show that a taller mug will make the coffee taste sweeter; the coffee in the “lean” cup tastes more bitter than the “fat” cup. In addition, the shape of the cup will also affect people's willingness to consume. People are more willing to pay for hot drinks in taller, 'fat' cups. Researchers published a report in 'Food Quality and Preferences' that the reason why people feel that coffee in short cups is more bitter is because they subconsciously think that tall cups will add more milk or water, making them 'fat' and 'lean.' The difference between cups is the same. In addition, tall cups or 'fat' cups may be more likely to let the bitter taste emanate. Researchers suggest that if relevant practitioners want to make business better, they can start with a cup. 2. The impact of 'color' An Australian study found that even though it is the same coffee, the use of coffee cups of different colors can make people feel the bitterness of coffee in different degrees. Professor George Van Doorn of the Department of Psychology at the Commonwealth University of Australia invited dozens of people to conduct experiments earlier, using transparent, white and blue coffee cups to put the same coffee into the test for people to try. The results of the study found that white coffee cups will make people feel the color of the coffee liquid more darker than transparent coffee cups, and then will feel that this cup of coffee has a high concentration and will taste more bitter; while the coffee in the blue cup will pass through the blue The color contrast with the color of coffee liquid will make people feel that the color of coffee liquid is relatively lighter, and then feel that this cup of coffee has a low concentration and will not taste very bitter. Duolun said that perhaps the contrast between different colors and coffee can affect how people feel. Similarly, the color of coffee cups will also affect coffee sales, and practitioners should also take it seriously!
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