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Have you ever seen an edible coffee cup?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
Compared with throwing paper or plastic coffee cups into the trash after drinking coffee, edible coffee cups are more in line with people's increasingly respected concept of environmentally friendly living. The idea of u200bu200b'Eatable ' originally came from a cafe in Sydney. They creatively used Easter eggs (a container wrapped in an eggshell made of chocolate sauce) to hold coffee, and then edible coffee cups. It's popular all over the world. Many Facebook coffee lovers have dedicated themselves to making coffee in coffee cups with all kinds of edible things. For example, biscuits, biscuits, chocolate sauce, ice cream cones, etc. are combined with heat-resistant chocolate (coffee) to make coffee cups. The coffee cups that can be eaten now melt easily, and the coffee must be consumed within a certain period of time. So you can make a simple chinaware ceramic coffee cup at home. First of all, you can eat chinaware ceramic coffee cup ideas, Easter egg coffee cups. I have never learned to bake, read the baking stickers, and make edible coffee cups. You need to compact the ingredients in the cup mold. After you finish, you must wait until the cup body is completely cooled, and then scoop the melted heat-resistant white or dark chocolate. It acts as a short interval of coffee. You can spread the coffee evenly on the inner wall of the cup while rotating the cup body, or you can brush the inner wall of the cup with a brush. After the chocolate has completely cooled down, you can add warm beverages. It can bake harder biscuits, such as teething biscuits, which can be made directly. Compared with cookies and the like, they can be water-resistant for a longer time without chocolate. Remember to add warm coffee or milk, etc. You have to wait for biscuits. Allow it to cool completely before adding.
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