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Fine Bone China Dinner Sets

by:Two Eight     2021-03-10

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There are many expensive fine china brands available but not all of them match Rosenthal’s superior quality and craftsmanship. Our unique porcelain dinnerware set sets designed by Versace reflect the same high-end style and superior artistry that the fashion brand is so well known for. These modern and well-designed dinnerware sets, with their fine china patterns, are eye-catching in every way. They’re embellished with signature Versace motifs and bring an element of originality and style to your dinner table. From serving platters & trays to flatware, we have just the luxurious and glamorous dinnerware collection to dress your dining table.

The 2005 Sister Mary Barbara Bunnykins pictured to the left, is currently valued at $39.00 – $49.00 USD. This ornament produced by the Royal Doulton company measures 4.25 inches high and is a tribute to the original Bunnykins artist who passed away during 2003 at age 92. Our workers always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. If you continue to use these services, you're letting us know that you've read and agree to the changes. With some patience and diligence, you can have fun completing a set of dishes you’ll enjoy using for years to come. She's written over 400 articles on antique collecting for The Spruce Crafts. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Fine china.

These ornaments had some paint scratching, and farmer Bunnykin was missing an ear. Original Bunnykins in immaculate condition can fetch a higher price come auction.

Rosenthal’s luxury porcelain dinnerware set brands are a fantastic combination of opulent design and practicality. They’re modern & design porcelain dinnerware set, versatile enough to be combined with other pieces. From bold black and gold to feminine rose and gold combinations, we have an extensive range of fine china dinnerware sets that will impress your guests. Nothing speaks of luxury more than Rosenthal’s range of Versace fine china dinnerware sets. Our luxurious and glamorous dinnerware sets have been expertly designed to let you create a statement at your dinner table. Rosenthal’s Versace Collection is beautifully crafted from porcelain and comes in a range of colors with elements of gold and exquisite fine china patterns. Their intricate floral decorations and Medusa-themed designs make them a must-have for those with an appetite for luxury.
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