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Fine Bone China Dinner Sets

by:Two Eight     2021-03-13

The holidays are the time to break out the good stuff—and by good stuff, we mean the fine china. In many families, special occasions are theonly time the fine china gets dusted off and put on display . Whether you're a three-times-a-year user or you serve meals on your porcelain dishes on a daily basis, it's always nice to have some fancy dinnerware in your household if you can afford it. After all, you never know when might want to impress an unexpected visitor or simply feel the urge to make a regular night in feel special. Bunnykins refers to a specific design set produced by the Royal Doulton company. Each piece whether that be a plate, cup, money box, or bowl features rabbits dressed up as a human would dress.

Putting together a set of antique or vintage porcelain dinnerware set can be a fun way to outfit your kitchen or decorate your dining area. Ready to showcase your meals in top-of-the-line designer porcelain dinnerware? There are hundreds, upon hundreds of different ‘Bunnykins’ scenes that have been designed by a number of different artists who have worked for the company over the years.

Bunnykins was the companies successful design set produced specifically for children. Due to our enhanced design, it can be applied in microwave oven, oven, disinfection cabinet and dish-washing machine. So there is no need to worry about the intactness of the product under high temperature.

Be sure to check each piece carefully by running your finger along the edges to feel for chips. You can still purchase items with minor condition issues, but unless it’s a piece you’ve sought for ages, it’s best not to pay top dollar. Buy antique dinnerware in good to excellent condition whenever possible to maintain the value of your set. Many people collect more than one set for use at different times of the year or for different occasions.

As the production of the raw materials for bone china is labor- intensive, we make sure that each process of the manufacturing is under strict control to deliver high quality product. You can send your design to us, we can follow your demand make goods for you. Inspired by the grandeur of 19th century French porcelain, with a motif created by renowned porcelain painter Pierre-Louis Dagoty, this regal collection is opulent and grand porcelain dinnerware set worthy of your finest occasions. PorcelainHigh-shining platinum details lend a luxe note to Bernardaud serveware. It’s also important to realize that the older the dishes are, the more likely that they’ve sustained some chips, cracks, and scratches over the years.

These range from transferware designs in blue and white or brown and white by Johnson Brothers or Spode to super expensive floral classics such as Flora Danica by Royal Copenhagen. No matter how you get started, this type of collecting is more than a hobby.
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