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Display the bone China defect 1

by:Two Eight     2020-03-21
Sculpture 1, bone China porcelain manual printing blank forming crack meaning: also known as the hair. It is a very short moment split and split two kinds. Yin to crack the bone porcelain body wall cracking, surface invagination, when filling water, Yin at absorbing water, less amount of wetting water area is dark, use lamplight illuminate have mild or obvious pervious to light. Bone porcelain surface crack, that is, as the bone porcelain surface crack, filling water, serious water seepage will wear, prolific in joint long and thin wall line edges and near the wall reinforcement. Commissure craze is serious, joint folio after firing, commonly known as & other Open 珓 child & throughout; 。 Defects to be classed as bone porcelain crack produced in raw material preparation, processing, printing, drying and transportation process. The reason: 1) Of bone porcelain blank preparation, due to the large content of viscous material. Too fine drying shrinkage big particles cause crack. Conversely, viscous material content is too little, particle is too thick, inadequate kneading, bone China organization structure loose irregular 柸 body internal contraction mixed prone to cracking. ( 2) Bone China model overheating too dry, wet and dry uneven slab after absorbing the moisture unevenness, seal, uneven drying shrinkage is different, resulting in stress. ( 3) Ceramic billet uneven pressure seal, fingerprints or hand print without overlapping to row on the bone porcelain body structure elastic density varies, uneven drying shrinkage and distortion crack. ( 4) The lining reinforcement ( Commonly known as & other; Clay liner & throughout; ) Design is not reasonable, and its thickness to curve with bone porcelain slab surface faces echo, no equilibrium pressure and weight tensile deformation of side effect. ( 5) Bone China body too wet forced demoulding, in plastic mud billet called for joint splice, fettling ( Draw close) , leading to bone porcelain body parts concave cutting tool, group gathers up pressure, cause bone porcelain body Yin fission form. Sponging blade is not steady chatter vibration or beating, bone China body injury caused by crack ( 6) Adhesive materials differ with splice pieces of humidity is too big, bone China body is too dry, over pressure plasma premature, causing joint crack. Uneven or adhesive added slurry, drying shrinkage after bonding pieces off normal pulp compression joints are not dense. Or under the heavy pressure and pressure uneven, joint bone porcelain blank structure caused by uneven uneven shrinkage cracking. ( 7) Hydrating the demolition, improper wetting water, range is too big, too small, deep too deep, too shallow to undermine the bone porcelain body internal organizational structure, material and the bone China body wetting in moisture content is inconsistent, osteoporosis, some was not easy to find, after firing crack appeared. ( 8) Handling and other machining process, the bone porcelain body is strong vibrations, or outside force impact also can be in deformation cracks. To overcome the way: ( 1) From the aspects of bone porcelain blank form to overcome. Ceramic raw material composition in the first place to have performance requirements:, to have good plasticity and bonding performance, this is the main bone porcelain blank forming conditions. With constant density (micro The grain fineness and level than) And the degree of white, it has close relationship with inner quality. Third, calcining performance and fireproof performance, it is a China's basic conditions. Fourth, consider its technological requirements ( Work, feasibility, seasonal, volatility and specificity) Comprehensive analysis of the raw materials used chemical component, mineral composition and physical properties of the combination of variety and reality technology conditions and production level test compared to design satisfactory formula. To the requirement of process performance: have good plasticity and associativity guarantee steady strength of bone China semi-finished parts, reduce into billet damaged in operation. Meet all the requirements of bone China products physical and chemical properties ( Water absorption and mechanical strength, thermal stability, whiteness and acid resistance, etc. ) , as far as possible do wide firing range and is generally not less than 100 & ndash; 150℃。 Of bone porcelain clay to stale, vacuum kneading and manual blank ingredients commonly used soft ripe. — Tangshan bone China wholesale custom to be continued. 。 。 。 。 。
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