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Daily cleaning skills of bone china cups

by:Two Eight     2021-08-28
We usually pay more attention to the cleaning of new cups when they are bought, but we don’t seem to care about the cleaning details of some cups daily. This information is not limited to the cleaning of cups. There are also some small-caliber and taller water cups. Cleaning techniques are of course also applicable to bottles with narrow mouths and tall bottles that usually need to be cleaned. Let's briefly talk about the daily cleaning of cups. Usually, the bone china cups that we drink water also need to be cleaned frequently, not only for drinking pure water and the cups are clean without washing. The cups for making tea should be cleaned the same day. Although there are many ways to remove tea stains, too thick tea stains are not easy to clean, and it will affect your mood of drinking tea. As for sweet beverages such as coffee or milk tea, they need to be cleaned immediately, otherwise they will cause some flying insects, which is not very hygienic. It is best to wash the cups with milk, soy milk, sesame paste, etc. right away. Otherwise, they are not easy to wash. If they are really dry, they can be soaked in water for a while before washing. It is best to clean the ceramic tableware cup every day before drinking water (the one that has not been placed in the disinfection cabinet). Conditions do not allow you to clean water again. If possible, it is best to complete the steps below. Then use a detergent, which can be detergent, toothpaste, peel, salt, etc., to clean the inside and out of the cup, and then rinse it with clean water. If there is a disinfection cabinet at home, of course the bone china cup is placed in it. If there is no interval, you should sterilize the cup regularly. For example, you can put cold water into the pot and boil it for 5 to 10 minutes after it boils. The cleaned cup can be wiped dry or inverted to drain and save. How to clean a water cup with a narrower caliber and a taller bottle? First, it can be cleaned with egg skins. Please pay attention to clean the egg skin, otherwise it will smell. Crush the egg skin to pieces, otherwise it will be difficult to pour it out of the bottle, then pour it into the bottle, add about one-tenth of the water, and shake it to wash. It is not very high. You can also use a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste for cleaning. The bottom of the cup is not easy to clean. You can use a lighter or the like to lightly burn the toothbrush at half of the toothbrush and then bend the toothbrush (the curvature should not be too large). The toothbrush can reach the bottom of the cup. You can also use salt to clean the cup, such as using a toothbrush dipped in salt to clean tea stains. Normally, our washing utensils should be cleaned regularly. The toothbrush cup should be cleaned at least once a week. The toothbrush should be placed upside down, so that bacteria are not easy to breed.
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