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Coffee cups are classified according to the cup mouth

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
There are two types of coffee cups: wide-mouth cup and straight-mouth cup. For two coffee cups with the same material and different shapes, the coffee flavor you feel is also different. The shape of the mouth of the cup affects the first contact between the coffee and the taste buds when you take in, which determines which flavor of the coffee comes into contact with you first. 1. Wide-mouth cup: As the name implies, the mouth of the cup will expand outwards and is relatively open. This also allows the coffee to better access a wider range of taste buds, allowing your tongue to feel the full flavor of coffee, especially the acidic flavor experience. 2. Straight mouth cup: that is, the mouth of the cup is perpendicular to the table top, the coffee entrance is more concentrated, directly touching the sweet area and the middle area, and the taste is more balanced.
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