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Causes of pinholes on the surface of bone china cups

by:Two Eight     2021-08-28
The reason for the pinholes on the surface of the ceramic tableware cup is the reason for the pinholes on the surface of the grouting body. 1. Use recycled grouting mud directly. The mud poured out of the mold will pass from the outlet, the grouting tank, the mud bucket and other dry grouting green body fragments. 2. Before use, fail to allow the grouting mud in the mixer to dissolve for a while. Sometimes, the air bubbles in the mud need a certain amount of time to be completely exhausted. 3. The grouting slurry is only roughly stirred in a large mixer, without careful stirring. When conditions do not allow for deep processing and only the mud in a large mixer can be used, carefully check whether the mixer blades bring air into the mud. 4. In the process of sucking the mud into the agitator, air is also sucked in. Carefully check the nodes on the adsorption surface and the quality of the mud. 5. Dust and dirt stuck on the plaster mold and slurry tank. The dust will be burnt and leave holes in the firing process. 6. The ingredients in the formula have not been carefully ground. For example, carbon-based materials with a particle diameter greater than 40 mesh will leave large pinholes on the green body after firing. Pinholes are not visible on the grouting body, but they appear after firing. The cause of this type of problem is just as described in this article and the above item 6, usually some substances on the body are left after firing. 7. If the proportion of clay in the grouting mud is too high or the mud is too thick, it is not conducive to the complete exhaustion of bubbles.
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