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Buy bone china coffee cups and saucers according to your taste

by:Two Eight     2021-08-24
Choose bone china coffee cups and saucers according to your taste. Choose coffee cups to highlight your taste. Drinking coffee is a kind of enjoyment of life. The difference from drinking Sprite Coke is that if you drink it all at once, all the sentiment will be washed away. Just like drinking tea, coffee needs to be tasted a little bit (although instant coffee is not a good taste, but I bet you never want to finish it in one sip, but espresso is an exception). In this case, in addition to the coffee itself, the choice of cups is also very important (after all, you have to watch it to finish the coffee). For coffee cups, some people like to use thick-textured pottery cups to hold masculine roasted coffee (for example, at work). However, most people still like to use porcelain white porcelin dinnerware cups to interpret the delicate and mellow coffee. Among them, bone china made of fine china clay mixed with high-quality animal bone meal is light in texture, soft in color, and has ultra-high thermal insulation, which can best maintain the warm memory of coffee in the cup. This kind of bone china cup containing 25% animal bone meal is indeed beautiful and usable, but it is expensive. It is rarely used by ordinary families. It is only popular in high-class coffee shops or aristocratic gentlemen. If necessary, find a bone china coffee cup in the store. It will have a faint yellow when illuminated under light, and there will be a light metal sound if you tap it lightly.
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