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Bone porcelain glaze defects under 5

by:Two Eight     2020-03-13
To overcome the way: ( 1) Make good bone China porcelain painting material, easy to precipitate, fine grinding, On the material) Fineness of sense to use the tongue lick without sand for degrees, and then use glycerin or gum Arabic and painting materials. If there is still a precipitation phenomenon can add a small amount of salt water ( Adjustable) with boiled water, 。 Has a material with low melting point, easy to generate fuzzy line and scatter in burning phenomenon, can be mixed with proper amount of talc. Not only can make the line appears clear and color is more stable. But the condiment of glycerin or glue mixed with unfavorable and overmuch, or used for color light will appear or break; Too little into it doesn't open lines and bolt. Bone porcelain painting material to cover to prevent dust pollution when not in use. ( 2) Bone China depicts the outline of patterns to some painting skill, clear understanding the picture structure rule, the adornment of the different method to adopt different brushwork, bone China pattern lines to even thickness, and work with write to header mouse pen thickness fitting for flowers. Put pen to paper cord to the ghost of board, with the technique center, the calligraphy slow uniform shoulds not be too fast and too slow, cannot intermittent stop writing more. In this way can we draw a line ting jin pen. Request from the beginning to the end line material thickness uniform, no accumulation of material. On the line, you can see both sides bump in the middle is a line groove, this call & other Pen line throughout the marrow &; Don't rinse water. 5, bone porcelain meaning: bone China porcelain surface appear small glaze off phenomenon, design presents the black point is also called the die material, hand to touch the thorns of handle, classified bone China porcelain material, produced in the bone porcelain pigment preparation, grinding, painting, decal paper board, ceramic printing, decals, hoop, spray bone porcelain glaze and firing process. The reason: 1) Bone China porcelain painting material particles is too coarse. ( 2) Bone porcelain plate making deep groove, bone porcelain printing, play hoop, thick material, ceramic decals, bone porcelain filling material is too thick or product is expected to death. ( 3) In bone China, hook contour line midway stagnation, or a pen, brush pen when covered with thick material, side view of the line is a bump on the granular materials, the material after firing is dark brown with & other; Concave & throughout; The material object. ( 4) On and bone porcelain embryo transfer after spray glaze not cover images. ( 5) Bone China outstanding slag slab billet darts on water. ( 6) Improper control of sintering temperature. To overcome the way: ( 1) Fine grinding, On the material) Bone China porcelain material, reducing the particle diameter, commonly used, it is better on the pot shattered on the no move feeling and try to use the tip of the tongue lick placed flat glass chipped no sand shape is advisable. ( 2) Bone China map, the line drawing material in the middle of the material plate build a dam, water, seasoning, to slow down the bone porcelain body for water absorption rate and glycerin or resin adhesive of few drops will be expected to make paintings. ( 3) Contour line after all finished, check whether the line height, such as has raised grain and immediately eliminate. Described pattern note when pen and brush, pen not stagnation, to brush don't product die material flowing freely. ( 4) Modulation water, lake is blue and white material chengcheng with boiling water after removal of coarse particle, with the top of the water as a coloring material, in case of coarse particle painting material as mixed hose to the bone China on deposition billet into death. ( 5) Bone China signet plate-making printing according to the technological requirements. ( 6) Kiln temperature control bone, narrow upper and lower temperature. — Bone China mugs suits to be continued. 。 。 。 。 。
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