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Bone China tea sets how to choose

by:Two Eight     2020-03-15
Bone China tea sets how to choose? Know that I know that I love to collect a variety of POTS and pans, China is not the courage to say no to beauty. To recommend the wedgewood, before the Russian imperial, I give you to recommend this fine bone China brand - from China Bone China. I'd like you to drink coffee is special pure white coffee, adopt some colored glaze process. Is using in the heavy rain wash the summer heat of the afternoon, I took out the granddaddy of ice cream - Shanghai Light shop, a cup of coffee with floating buffet, the home is really can't describe. China is not the sort of thin version, have qualitative feeling in his hand, good surface glaze gloss finish. Coffee cup or plate or bowl edge are the light that slightly wavy edge, can let you of the English countryside in the old woman will always use the shape of cups and saucers. Bone China tea sets how to choose? Practical way is to take two bone porcelain products collide with each other, listen to the sound of it, if the sound as bell is ringing, and & other; Dang & throughout; Acoustic echo for a long time so is the bone China. In addition, there are several resolution method. On the weight, bone China new bone China and lighter than a lot. Shape, because technology and raw materials, a new bone China relative to the bone porcelain body is thinner, the shape more round and smooth, good pervious to light. Compact and bone China porcelain is exquisite, smooth surface, glaze color is bright, it presents a natural milk white color. Tangshan ceramics co. , LTD. Bone China for individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises ( Bone China) Gift customization requirements, regardless of order size, can open mold a can also be customized. Professional bone China design team, a number of important porcelain gifts design, development, innovation ability, in the industry, we provide one-on-one bone porcelain product design and development services. According to customer's new development sample request custom bone porcelain design, can the effect to the customer to confirm the day, bone China up to three days to send out the sample to the customer, more than three times faster than peers. Tangshan ceramics co. , LTD. , for six consecutive years 1700 bone porcelain services to our clients and well-known hotels and dozens of Chinese and foreign top 500, 95% of famous hotel porcelain after purchase rate; Cooperation clients include: the shangri-la hotel, galaxy securities, audi, BMW, jinjiang group, Qingdao three hotels, etc. In six years, we insist on the business bottom line sales: not defective goods, false bone porcelain, the inferior bone porcelain tableware have a harm to human body; So many buyers or dealers' Because of bone porcelain quality problem 】 Lead to lost tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of orders, in a bid to millions of orders delayed delivery this serious incident, didn't happen with our cooperated customers.
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