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Bone China tea set maintenance skills

by:Two Eight     2020-03-10
Daily tea often use the tea set is bone China tea set, feel is exquisite, color, modelling changeable. And bone China tea sets belong to fragile, light with light should be paid attention to in everyday use, to avoid a collision. Maintenance of bone China tea set porcelain industry a few small make up to you. Maintain bone porcelain cup 1: hand wash gently, also can use the cup brush gently brush 2: lotion must in 11 - PH value 11. Between 5, remove with clean water, the water temperature does not exceed 80 ℃. 3: do not put hot cup into the cold water directly, so as to avoid damage porcelain rapid temperature change. 4: if there are any scratches, can use toothpaste. 5: if there is a tea, can be used lemon juice or vinegar to clean. 6: do not use flash ling heat, in order to avoid the crack. 7: bone China in the process of using excessive heating of avoid by all means, such as pour into boiling water in the bone China, should first after hot cup with the warm boiling water, then pour boiled water, in case of bursting. Real good bone porcelain tableware are not allowed to have obvious spots, slag, deformation problems, such as buyers, please pay attention to distinguish. See: colour and lustre is milky white, uniform glaze, thin and bright, refreshing. Listen: left hand palm unbend, extend deuce, bone porcelain dish in hand, right hand recoiling vessel edge, sound is ringing, there are lingering. Through: the glass cover guang-yuan yu, pervious to light and colour and lustre downy for good. The characteristics of the bone porcelain cup with 1, appearance is beautiful: shape is beautiful and elegant, enjoyed high reputation color face moist bright, colorful flower surface. 2, high grade, produced in the UK, has long been a special porcelain, the British royal family is recognized in the world of porcelain, both use and double the value of art, is the symbol of power and position, China king. 3, craft fine: secondary firing, process complex, only Britain, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, Thailand has production. 4, processing difficult: in the process of fire, its neat degrees, whiteness, transparency, and thermal stability of certain physical and chemical indexes demand is high, the rejection rate is very high. Bone porcelain cup with materials is fastidious, production is also very fine, the product is a little bit more, use in the home also is relatively rich, and harmless to human body, now a lot of people in the use of bone China tea set, if you want to buy or custom, welcome call consulting industry.
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