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Bone China Tea Set

by:Two Eight     2021-08-26
Tea drinking is inseparable from tea sets, and good tea sets can bring you better enjoyment, such as bone china tea sets. Bone china tea sets refer to special equipment for making tea, including pots, bowls, cups, plates, trays, etc. Another important manifestation of the ancients' emphasis on tea drinking is the art of bone china tea sets. A set of exquisite tea sets complements the three excellent teas of color, fragrance and taste. With the prosperity of tea drinking and the evolution of tea drinking customs in various times, there are more and more varieties of tea sets and more and more exquisite textures. There are at least ten kinds of tea sets used in Chaoshan Kungfu tea. This is: to choose a teapot, there are four-character tactics for good or bad standards, saying: 'small, shallow, uniform, old.' The teapot has two-person pot, three-person pot, and four-person pot The difference between the four cans, etc., is most cherished by Meng Chen, Tiehuaxuan, Qiupu, Epu, Xiaoshan, Yuan Xisheng, etc. There are many styles of pots, ranging from small like oranges to big like tangerines, as well as melon-shaped, persimmon-shaped, diamond-shaped, drum-shaped, plum blossom-shaped... generally drum-shaped, whichever is correct and thick. There are also many kinds of pot colors, cinnabar, ancient iron chestnut, purple clay, stone yellow, azure... But regardless of the style and color of the bone china tea set, the most important thing is 'the pot should be small, not large, or light. Should not be deep'. Because it's not 'work' anymore. There are also four-character tactics for the choice of teacup: small, shallow, thin, and white. The small one sips it to the end; the shallow water does not leave the bottom; the white color is like jade to set off the color of tea; the texture is thin as paper to make it fragrant. Chaozhou tea shoppers often use the 'Ruo Shen Cup' with white ground and blue flower bottom and wide mouth, and the book 'Ruo Shen Treasure' at the bottom of the cup is precious, but it is no longer easy to get. The small white porcelain white porcelin dinnerware cups produced by Jingdezhen in Jiangxi and Fengxi in Chaozhou are also very good, commonly known as 'Ginkgo Cups'. It is shaped like a large bowl and has many shades and colors. There are three necessary for cooking Kung Fu tea, one is used to soak the tea cup, the second is used to soak the pot, and the other is used to hold the cup of water and the tea that has been brewed. . Bone china tea sets are used to hold tea cups. There are also various styles, moon-shaped, checkerboard-shaped... but no matter what the style, the most important thing is the four-character formula: wide, flat, shallow, and white. That is, the plate should be wide so that you can put more cups depending on the number of guests; the bottom of the plate should be flat so that the cups will not be unstable and easy to shake; the sides should be light and the color should be white. This is all to set off the cups and teapots. To make it beautiful.
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