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Bone china manufacturers teach you to identify and choose bone china tableware

by:Two Eight     2021-08-25
The wholesale dinnerware suppliers teaches you to identify and select Porcelain Dinnerware Set from the color: due to the bone meal, the bone china porcelain white porcelin dinnerware itself will appear a natural milky white color, generally speaking, it is slightly yellow, this feature is other No kind of porcelain can be imitated. Permeability: Put bowls of different porcelains upside down on the bulb, high-grade bone china with high bone powder content will have an overall sense of permeability. with strong light transmittance and soft color is top-grade. Sound: Put two food utensils on your flat hands and collide (or flick with your fingers or tap with a porcelain tableware spoon). After the collision of high-grade bone china, the sound of 'clang' is as clear as the bell ringing. , And there is a longer echo. Other types of porcelain made a dull 'ding' sound, and there was basically no echo.
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