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Bone china manufacturers teach you to distinguish good bone china cups

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
u200b When we get the bone china cup, the first thing to do is to look at the quality of its appearance. The appearance quality of fake and inferior bone china is obviously much worse. The appearance quality mentioned here refers to the beauty of its appearance, which can be easily verified by the naked eye. Method 1: Seeing with your eyes When buying ceramic tableware, you can first see the appearance with your eyes. It is true that the color of bone china is white, but this white is not pure white, not exceptionally bright white. is similar to milk. The white is yellow, but the yellow is inconspicuous and requires careful investigation to see it. At the time of purchase, if you can feel this way, it means that it is conclusive. If it's pure white, you won't see yellow, which means it can be fake. Method 2: Listening with ears When buying bone china, the quality of bone china can be identified by sound. The detailed method is to gently bump the two bone china cups. The collision side is best to be the center of the bone china, so as to prevent the edge from being destroyed by collision. After the collision, if the sound is very loud and the display quality is good, it is especially true that bone china will respond after the collision. This is the weird result of ceramic tableware. Method 3: Let the sun shine After testing the first two methods, you can use a flashlight or simply bask in the sun. If the whole is good, that is, each one-sided is transparent, it means the quality is good. If it is only one-sided and transparent, or in the center or on both sides, such an item is fake. Pay special attention when buying ceramic tableware, ask a little about bone china in advance and buy it again.
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