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Bone china manufacturers teach you to choose coffee cups according to the drinking method

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
Bone china manufacturers teach you to choose coffee cups according to the drinking method. When buying coffee cups, you can choose the right coffee cups for different occasions according to your personal preferences, coffee types and drinking methods. Due to personal preferences and the variability of places, the types and drinking methods of coffee provide several basis for selection. Small coffee cups below 100 ml-mostly used to hold strong Italian coffee or single-origin coffee, for example, only about 50 ml of Italian espresso. Although it is almost consumed in one drink, the coffee will have a lingering fragrance after drinking. The lingering aftertaste and the temperature that seems to be always warm can warm your heart best. The cappuccino with milk foam has a slightly larger capacity than an espresso chinaware ceramic coffee cup, and the wide mouth can show the beautiful foam of the wind and shadow. A general chinaware ceramic coffee cup of about 200 ml-the first common coffee cup, light American coffee is mostly used for this kind of cup, there is enough space, adjustable, simple and free, just like the United States. Mugs of more than 300 ml and French Ole (a kind of French coffee, the best health care product for women over 30 years old) special milk coffee cup-coffee with a lot of milk, such as latte, American mocha, use this kind of multi-purpose The mug is enough to contain his sweet and varied taste. The romantic French people usually use a large bowl of milk coffee to exaggerate the joy of the whole morning. In addition to the appearance of the cup, it is also necessary to verify the texture, weight, and ease of the cup. It is better to have a lighter weight. Such a cup has a fine texture, and a fine texture represents the fine particles of the raw materials used to make the coffee cup. Therefore, the cup surface is tight and the space is small, and it is not easy to attach coffee stains to the cup. The pleasure of tasting coffee is not only the coffee itself, but also the overall beauty. A chinaware ceramic coffee cup and saucer with fine texture and fine carvings, a small and exquisite golden spoon on the side, is accompanied by a fragrant and delicious cappuccino. If there is another sweet French pastry, I will spend an afternoon enjoying it in my garden (if the sun is willing to appreciate it)!
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