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Bone china manufacturers teach you to buy bone china tableware

by:Two Eight     2021-08-24
The bone china manufacturer teaches you to buy Porcelain Dinnerware Set: 1. Look at the color. The color here is mainly to look at the color of the carcass part of the bone china that does not cover the flower surface. The color of the high-quality bone china with high bone charcoal content should be Milky white is also called milky white. Bone china is not as white as possible. Natural milky white is good bone china. 2. There are two ways to listen to the sound. The first is to hold the porcelain tableware bowl in the palm of one hand (note: be sure not to hold it in the palm of your hand), and flick the edge of the bone china bowl with the other hand. , The sound of a good bone china is clearer and has a crisp echo like a bell. The longer the sound indicates that the carcass is smoother and the quality of the porcelain white porcelin dinnerware is better. The second is to pour about one-third of the water in the bowl. When one hand touches some water and turns along the edge of the bowl, it will make a chirping resonance. The larger the bowl, the more obvious the effect. 3. Touch the bottom of the bowl Why do you want to touch the bottom of the bowl? Because the bottom of a finely crafted bowl needs to be polished twice to prevent slippage and scratching the tabletop. This is to test the craftsmanship of a porcelain from the details. 4. It may be inconvenient to touch the two bowls. The bone china looks very thin and gives people a very fragile feeling. In fact, the hardness of this kind of bone china is about three times that of ordinary ceramics. Normally, take two. In general, there is no big problem with the small bowl collision. We will show the collision effect to the customer when we introduce it to the customer on the spot, but generally try not to try it. It is enough to know this method. The above is the content of buying Porcelain Dinnerware Set introduced by the editor of bone china manufacturer today. I believe you have a certain understanding of the guide to buying Porcelain Dinnerware Set. When buying bone china tableware, if you don’t know how to distinguish its quality, it is best to look at the brand, so that the quality will be guaranteed to a certain extent. The wholesale dinnerware suppliers Guangdong Hosen focuses on the production and sales of bone china, it is worth your purchase!
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