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Bone china manufacturers teach you how to use coffee cups

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
Bone china manufacturers teach you how to use coffee cups. Tasting coffee is more than just a petty bourgeois life. Many people choose to go to a coffee shop to have a cup of coffee or make coffee at home. Coffee drunk after a meal is usually served in a pocket-sized cup. The ears of this cup are small, and the fingers cannot be worn out. But even if you use a larger cup, do not put your fingers through the ears of the cup before holding the cup. The correct way to hold a coffee cup is to hold the cup with your thumb and index finger and then lift the cup. Choosing couple coffee cups can choose some exquisite chinaware ceramic couple coffee cups, which will also bring you a good mood. When sugar is added to coffee, the granulated sugar can be taken with a coffee spoon and added directly into the cup; you can also use a sugar clip to clamp the sugar cube on the close side of the coffee saucer, and then use the coffee spoon to add the sugar cube to the cup. If you put sugar cubes directly into the cup with sugar tongs or your hands, you may sometimes spill the coffee and stain your clothes or tablecloths. The coffee spoon is specially used to stir coffee, it should be taken out when drinking coffee. No longer use a coffee spoon to drink coffee spoon by spoon, and don't use a coffee spoon to mash the sugar cubes in the cup. When drinking coffee, you can hold the ear of the coffee cup with your right hand, gently hold the coffee saucer with your left hand, and slowly move to your mouth and sip. It is not advisable to hold the cup full, swallow, or bow down to get a coffee cup. When drinking coffee, don't make any noise. When adding coffee, do not lift the coffee cup from the coffee saucer. The freshly brewed coffee is too hot, you can use a coffee spoon to gently stir it in the cup to cool it, or wait for it to cool naturally before drinking it. Trying to cool the coffee with your mouth is a very inelegant gesture. Coffee cups and saucers are specially made, and high-end coffee wares will be matched. They should be placed on the front or right side of the drinker, and the cup ears should point to the right.
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