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Bone China Manufacturers: Subdivision of Bone China

by:Two Eight     2021-08-29
manufacturers: subdivision of bone china 1. According to the firing process (1) second firing, using frit glaze for second firing (2) primary firing, using raw material glaze for one firing firing process In terms of the appearance quality of ceramic tableware products, the two-fired product has higher regularity and brighter glaze than the first-fired product, and the first-fired glaze has a higher hardness. 2. According to the source of raw materials (1) Animal bone meal, using animal bone meal as raw material (2) Synthetic bone meal, using synthetic bone meal as raw material (3) Mixed bone meal, using animal bone meal and synthetic bone meal as raw material There is no obvious difference in appearance of these products. 3. According to the color of bone china carcass (1) Milky white, no coloring agent (2) Ivory yellow, adding yellow agent (3) Cyan, adding copper oxide (4) Other colors, adding other coloring agents and showing corresponding In these product categories, milky white products have good light transmittance, and products of other colors have slightly poor light transmittance.
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