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Bone China Manufacturers: How to Buy Bone China Tableware

by:Two Eight     2021-08-25
Bone china manufacturers: the method of buying Porcelain Dinnerware Set first look at the porcelain quality. When buying ceramic tableware, bone china and strengthened porcelain are better, both of which are the materials of top-quality tableware. Bone China is a recognized high-end porcelain tableware in the world. It is natural milky white, has high permeability, and has a light and delicate texture. The molding and color formation of bone ash itself mainly rely on silica, alumina and calcium oxide. The higher the content of calcium oxide, the better the color. In nature, there are not many sources of calcium oxide, and animal bone meal is often chosen as the source of calcium oxide. This year, new bone china, represented by Zibo, which selects mineral synthetic bone powder as the source of calcium oxide, has sprung up and has become a new force in the high-end bone china market. When the bone meal content reaches a certain proportion, the porcelain quality will be greatly improved, which is mainly reflected in the gloss and moisturizing degree of the utensils. It is as white as jade and crystal clear and moist. It is an ideal product for various households, and the price is second to bone china. Let's look at the way of flower noodle decoration. According to the characteristics of the flower surface, it can be divided into over-glaze, mid-glaze, under-glaze and colored glaze porcelain, and some white porcelain without color. The underglaze colors are mostly traditional blue and white and blue and white exquisite colors, the colors are relatively monotonous, and the price is moderate; the in-glaze colors are richer than the underglaze colors, and the product grades are higher, but the process requirements are strict, the cost is high, and the price is high; On-glaze chinaware ceramic are rich in colors, strong in three-dimensionality but low in surface smoothness, and are easy to process, so the cost is correspondingly low. In addition to the different artistic effects of the above different decoration methods, the main difference lies in the content of heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium. Among them, the lead and cadmium content of in-glaze, under-glaze, and most colored glaze porcelain and white porcelain are very low. If in-glaze color is used in the processing of ceramic decals, inferior pigments are used, or in the design of the flower surface. If the amount of pigments with high lead and cadmium content is too large, or the temperature and ventilation conditions during baking are not enough, it is easy to cause excessive lead and cadmium dissolution. The ceramic tableware bought back should be soaked and boiled in vinegar water first, which can remove most of the toxic substances and greatly reduce the potential harm of ceramic tableware to the human body. Do not use ceramic tableware to store acidic foods and beverages such as juice, wine, coffee, etc. for a long time. Because the longer the ceramic tableware is to hold acidic food or beverage, the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve lead, which is equal to aggravating the toxic and side effects of lead dissolution. It depends on whether the shape is correct, whether there are damages, spots, bubbles, and smoothness. The lead in the glaze of chinaware ceramic with thorny, spotty, or even cracked surfaces is easy to overflow, so they are not suitable for tableware. The glaze on the surface of porcelain is made by firing at a temperature above 800°C. If it does not reach 800°C, the low temperature glaze will be harmful to the human body. is best when it reaches 1350℃. Guangdong Hosen Ceramic Factory specializes in the production of bone chinaware, specializing in bone china cups, bone china white porcelin dinnerware, tea sets, coffee sets, coffee cups and saucers, gift porcelain, art porcelain tableware and other high-quality bone china products. A comprehensive bone china unit integrating sales. Quality-oriented, the brand created by producers, operators, and sellers is something we cherish. For products, quality often brings consumers a full range of feelings from the senses to the heart. The quality we value is the top priority of our good products! All employees of the company will develop the entrepreneurial spirit of 'seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovativeThe company has built a modern and standardized enterprise. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.
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