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Bone China is the new bone China

by:Two Eight     2020-03-10
Bone China is the new bone China? Bone China porcelain is exquisite transparent not only, and shape is beautiful and elegant, there are colorful flowers and moist and shining color surface, precisely because of these advantages, and got the favour of many people, a lot of people want to buy bone porcelain tableware, but I heard that the market still have a kind of new bone porcelain tableware, so what's the difference between them? Porcelain industry to introduce small make up to you. Bone China definition: bone China scientific name is short for bone porcelain, bone China, is the animal's ashes, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw material, after high temperature, and low-temperature glaze burning burning two burn becomes a kind of porcelain. Ingredients: bone China contains real cattle bone meal, usually content more than 40%. As some rare porcelain even reached more than 50%. The new bone China adding tricalcium phosphate, a synthetic chemical raw materials. Method: bone China is points: biscuit firing, glaze and so on more than two steps; New bone China is one-time firing process. Fire craft: so fired twice in bone China. After high temperature biscuit firing glaze burning at low temperature. New bone China is burnt at a time. Lead: bone China generally low aluminium content, is mainly used in the secondary firing is no aluminum clinker; New bone China aluminum content is high, is the use of the aluminum frit. Color: bone porcelain color natural milk white. Bone powder content is higher, the more tend to be relaxing, the lower the bone content more yellow. New bone China is to use a synthetic chemical raw materials and the corresponding whitening agent. Voice: bone China split on hands on collision, a clear & other; Dang & throughout; Voice and echo, echo for a long time. The higher the grade of this characteristic, the more obvious bone China ( Bowls effect more obvious) 。 Porcelain, new bone porcelain and other collisions with a dull & other; Ding & throughout; Voice, and almost no reply. Weight: bone China is relatively new bone China is lighter. TaiZhi: bone porcelain body mass can be very thin. New bone porcelain body mass is relatively thick. Appearance: bone China deformation ( Because secondary burning) Balance, brightness, glaze GuanZe degrees, unglazed mark; New bone China brightness is low, glaze have clear glaze flow traces. Pervious to light: bone China good pervious to light. Shape: due to the bone China contains bone, therefore its viscosity is low, general complex modelling is more difficult to burn; New bone China is to add chemicals, hard materials, so the clay can add other model can increase the difficulty. Production costs: bone of the bone China contains low viscosity, if make the same shape, process more difficult than new bone porcelain, hence the relatively high cost. All in all, both in technology and quality is quite a difference. Bone China than new bone China is a bit expensive, of course, but you have your reason, bone China tableware or higher performance to price ratio. If you are interested in bone China, can come to ceramics, can now also customization design do you prefer.
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