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'Bone China' and 'New Bone China'

by:Two Eight     2021-08-21
Bone china is recognized as the most high-end porcelain variety in the world, but why are some bone china white porcelin dinnerware cheaper than high-white porcelain tableware? Because these very cheap ones are synthetic new bone china, there is no natural beef bone powder added to it, but natural beef bone powder replaced by synthetic materials developed by Zibo Institute of , which contains a lot of chemical ingredients and is harmful to the human body. It is called 'New Bone China' in the industry. Note: The new bone china is originally a kind of ordinary high white porcelain white porcelin dinnerware. The content of calcium oxide in the composition is slightly higher than that of ordinary porcelain tableware, and it has a certain degree of light transmission. The shrewd manufacturer gave it the name of Panlong Fufeng. Called New Bone China. The main differences between it and bone chinaware ceramic (bone china) are as follows: First: the raw materials used are different, more than 40% bone powder is added to the bone china, and no bone powder is added to the new bone china. Second: The bone china is fired multiple times, and the new bone china is fired once. Third: Bone China has softer whiteness, higher transparency and lighter porcelain quality than New Bone China, and its appearance is much better than New Bone China. Fourth: In short, the new bone china is not a new variety of bone china, but just borrowed its name, the price is cheap and attractive, so there are many people who are deceived, one is cheap and three love, this world is like this, there is no way.
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