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BAR M & Toppi Martin Place in Australia



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Bar M, a restaurant from Australia,

Is the younger expression

of the Italian cuisine the Toppi family is famous for.

Bar M offers a rotating selection of antipasti

and our signature house-made pasta.

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1. On 3rd March,2019, the second generation head chef and owner, Paola Toppi sent me an inquiry on Alibaba. She was going to open a new restaurant called Toppi, so she needed to purchase some Ceramic Dinnerwares.

2. By browsing her website, I recommended a series of similar styles which match her current tableware. She loved it so much!

3. Then I sent more detailed and products for her reference.

4. On 11th March, Paola placed a sample order to test.

5. On 16th March, she was very satisfied with our quality, design and size, then placed an order more than $15,000.00USD.

6. It's obvious that our Huhai Serie is perfect matching her restaurant style and delicious dishes.

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