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Art and Cook

Art and Cook

Art and Cook, founded by Allan Ben in 2004, 

advocates cooking is an intricate act-art form and craft; a pursuit of the senses and of the intellect -as delicately balanced as the spices in a fine dish. Art and Cook is a marriage: of function to form, style to quality, and innovation to inspiration.

application-Two Eight-img

application-Two Eight-img

ART+COOK's products are full of artistic flavor. While cooking, I want to use beautiful tableware color matching and portability to enhance the grade of household products

On-line retail sales through .com retailers and their official website

In 2019, we received Allan’s design requirements for their new product line-tableware and new product size, color matching, and functional requirements.

The designer of Hosen Two Eight Ceramics first performed 3D modeling on the ART+COOK's graphic design, and through discussions with the technical department, to determine whether the customer's size requirements can be met, and whether it can meet the functional requirements other than appearance.

Repeated voice meetings with customers to confirm all details and conduct sample production.

Not only the effect of the sample is very satisfactory, we also made a special catalog for our customer

application-Two Eight-img

22+ experience in porcelain dinnerware industry

30000+ square meter production area

200+ workers offer different service for customer

We know the needs of our customers.

We fulfill customer needs

application-porcelain dinnerware sets-fine china dinnerware-ceramic dinnerware sets-Two Eight-img

After the customer received the samples, they were very satisfied with the size, color and function requirements. And our meticulously photographed catalogue.

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