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Are custom-made creative bone china cups poisonous?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-21
Many people on the Internet do not dare to buy bone china products. In fact, these people do not understand the bone china products. In order to make everyone inquire whether bone china products are toxic or not, in order to solve the problem of whether the creative bone china cups are poisonous, bone china The editor of the manufacturer will provide you with relevant answers, and it is hoped that these contents can help you. Guangdong Hosen Bone China Factory is an enterprise that specializes in customizing creative bone china products. It has proficient production technology and rich resume. 1. The materials selected by bone china manufacturers are mainly kaolin and ore stones. These materials are ground into powder and then mixed with water to form a ceramic embryo. In the process of drawing or grouting of the ceramic embryo, other ingredients will not be added to it, which will not cause danger to the human body. In other words, when a bone china cup is produced to this stage, it still has no increase in it. The chemical composition is in it. 2. After the bone china cup is glazed, it must be fired in the furnace to strengthen the consolidation, so that the glaze on the upper part will not fall apart. People need not worry about the harm to human health when drinking water. 3. Under the high temperature firing of more than 1200 degrees, the consolidation of the glaze on the creative bone china cup is strengthened, and the chemical composition in it has also become very solid. Under the high temperature firing environment, the glaze has vitrified It is stronger than ordinary glass. It can be seen that the creative bone china cup produced by the professional bone china company is strong and does not have any toxicity. It is easy for everyone to buy. The creative bone china cups produced by the company can be used on multiple platforms, such as corporate advocacy, gift giving, and lovers. The bone china cups for couples can print on the top what I want to say to him, and keep my friendship with the end of the cup and last forever. It represents the unchanging affection for him.
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