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Zuni Cafe - mexican dishes for restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-11-01
Zuni Cafe  -  mexican dishes for restaurants
Happy tour editor Cal's classic establishment
Mediterranean cooking popular plates: the whole roast chicken takes an hour for two hours, but the legendary roast, tender, is placed on a warm "bread salad" with pine kernel,
When Zuni Cafe opened in 1979, its current size was only one quarter, mainly Mexican.
Today, its menu has not only been transferred and expanded (
Closer to California now.
Mediterranean fusion)
But its most popular food-Caesar's salad, roast chicken, burger and Bloody Mary-was all rated as the best food in the city.
The restaurant has six menus, including an "afternoon menu", more or less a truncated dinner menu.
So if you happen to have a strong hunger for a whole chicken at around 3.
Don't be afraid at 30 in the evening-Zuni Cafe is open.
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