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You Have To Take Action - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-28
You Have To Take Action  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
I didn't know my ass when I started online marketing in 1991.
I like what I see and am sure I can do it if others do it too.
I come from the restaurant business, so both of them have similar ideas of dealing with people.
They come to your restaurant for a different business.
In online marketing, you have to go to them, both in person and on the phone.
When you run out of names on the warm market list, you buy leads.
What do I do?
I used to watch this guy advertise on a set of tapes called "personal power" with big teeth in the early hours of the morning.
"His name is Tony Robbins and he is very persuasive, so I ordered his tape after careful consideration.
On the first tape, Tony talked about the fact that 10% of the people who ordered his tape never took out the packaging.
They put them on a shelf somewhere and never listen.
That's not me.
I listen over and over again.
I didn't get what I was hoping for, but it was more of a problem than the tape.
I think I'm looking for a magic recipe.
One thing I get from these tapes is the phrase "take action" (they haven't done the CD yet ).
"It makes a lot of sense to me.
You see you can have all these plans and goals, but nothing will happen if you don't take action.
Well, I guess when you're involved in Web marketing, you just buy a kit and some products and wait for the money to show up.
This is what I believe.
Thankfully, it's not like that anymore.
Most online marketing companies have systems and marketing tools that can be provided to people.
That is, nothing happens if you don't take action.
What happened, however, was that people were overwhelmed (and the other thing I got from these tapes was not to be overwhelmed) and thought they had to do a lot of things every day.
Do one thing every day and build on it.
"One inch, one mile, this is an attempt.
"Take the baby's steps, but take them every day. \"Take Action.
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