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You Can Almost Eat the Dishes - max restaurant vancouver skip the dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-03
You Can Almost Eat the Dishes  -  max restaurant vancouver skip the dishes
If we don't be vigilant, who knows what will happen?
We can wake up on a dark chocolate morning and come to a cocoa East River and a hot fudge Hudson River with banana slices swaying on its surface.
The streets are full of candy and the skyscrapers are full of fudge.
The number of calories will soar.
The acne of a tooth decay will fall off.
Max Brenner is on his way to that and he doesn't even exist.
He is a concept, Willie Wonka is an imperialist with no hair, and in the past year Manhattan has welcomed one in addition to two chocolates
The restaurant where his flag is flying.
They are called Max Brenner by bald men, chocolate, belonging to a chain of chains produced in Israel by a pair of merchants Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner, who merged their two names into a quasi-name
Virtual candy manMr.
Brenner is really bald, so there's some truth about follicles in the ad.
But Max Brenner is now the owner of an Israeli food company that has successfully established the company in Singapore, the Philippines, Australia and the United States.
It is reported in People magazine and cable news radio.
The Max Brenner restaurant in Manhattan is often crowded with people, a nod to a new and savvy strategy.
Advertising max Brenner uses diners for automatic respect for a principled culinary artist and connects it to the masses --
The market is like a Hollywood planet.
This is the planet Valrhona made by one man.
Giant artisan.
Beautifully decorated chocolate ads for sale at the door and scattered text about this half
The chocolate ecstasy of the imaginary character implies the labor of pure love. Assembly-
More gorgeous desserts than attractive reveal a more computing business.
In addition to dessert, there is a rich menu of dishes
Omelet for breakfast
Salads, sandwiches and quiches for lunch and dinner-
The standard is not particularly high.
A solidified lasagna of Italy may have been the work of the great Italian artisan chef, boyadi.
Even if you use Max Brenneras as a dessert destination
An accident as a steroid.
You will be disappointed.
Most of the milk and dark chocolate used in candy lacks the richness or sharpness of the giant chocolate.
Two restaurants in Max Brenner
One is near Union Square and the other is a few blocks east.
So far, Union Square has been larger and more dramatic.
Inside the entrance is a large bucket of chocolate with glingue, and the shelves are stacked with chocolate bars, powder and ingredients, and decorated chocolate.
The pipes on the ceiling are painted dark brown to convey the idea of carrying chocolate.
Anywhere you look
On the glass panel, on the patch of the wall, or on the busy page of the spiral --
Dessert and drink menu-
You can see the chocolate museum and the chocolate motto.
Max Brenner is creating a new chocolate culture.
Max Brenner invites you to "watch, taste, smell my love story ".
Max Brenner has put the chocolate out of the cage.
He's a poet, ours.
Believe in Max: By the way of Watson, Wonka.
He was bold and bold, not only taking advantage of the known arrangement of chocolate, but also finding new tasks for it.
Chocolate sub, for cream cheese on bagels, for tomato sauce on awpers "pizza", for so-called soup.
Max Brenner's full commitment to its theme is impressive and sometimes interesting.
The advertising tradition has been adjusted. Hot chocolate—
Dark, milk or white
There's a handle-
Less shaped "hug Cup", so you have to hold it with two hands, just like you want a child's face.
I like the feeling of the Cup and the foam of the dark chocolate.
If you want to check Max Brenner-
This picture of extreme sugar content may be worth seeing --an off-
The way to go is the hug Cup for a few hours.
All you need is $3.
95 minutes and 20 to 30 minutes.
To my surprise, Max Brenner cleverly attracted adults, who were at least 4 to 1 more people than children whenever I went.
Many people seem to be tourists.
But it's best for young people, who think it's like potheads did in Amsterdam: a naughty market.
My 6-year-old nephew Gavin and my 4-year-old niece Bella
They screamed as soon as they entered the door.
Their parents quickly ordered chocolate martini, made of creamy milk chocolate and vanilla vodka, with no olives on the surface-laid skewers, but chewing gum.
There is a decree that the real food is ahead of the candy, so we turn to the menu, which is much shorter.
Most of the choices represent open or closed sandwiches of some form: waffles covered with kielbasa and melted cheddar cheese;
Smoked turkey and melted cream from Switzerland.
From the technical level and the results, this is basically a toaster
Rely on liquid cheese to make up for all the sinful oven delicacies.
Their elaborate desserts depend on the Lilliputian beaker, caldrons, and grill, which excites them, and the chocolate itself is not always the case.
Max Brenner is a fantasy place for aspiring pyromaniac who will find the flame in the eggs
A chocolate drink that requires fragments of your mixed milk chocolate (dull)
Dark Chocolate (more appealing)
Heat milk.
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Neither Gavin, Bella, nor their adult guardians were able to melt the chocolate, so the children just scooped the damp pieces into their mouths and the spilled pieces flowed down the shirt.
Gap kids should open one next door.
Touch a chocolate hot pot with fire and let bananas and strawberries take a hot bath. There is also more fire for roasting marshmallow in the s'mores dessert, which has not only crispy graham cookies but also a sticky peanut butter.
Gavin and Bella were all absorbed.
I was nervous.
Then I felt a crack crackle coming down my throat because I had a piece of chocolate I grabbed from the sampling board inlaid with candy like pop rock.
As I waited for the trachea fireworks to fade and wondered if there were any extra words in Max Brenner's vocabulary, I saw Gavin put both hands on my stomach.
The advertisement made a poor little groan, with words as real as anything I heard.
"Not everything should be made into dessert," he said.
"Max Brenner, on 841 Broadway, near 13 th Street, the chocolate with a satisfactory bald head;
No. 141, Second Avenue, near 9 Street :(212)388-0030. Cafe atmosphere
Style table spread through Wangka-
The Wonderland of inspired chocolate buckets and chocolate pipes is reminiscent of chocolate pipes.
Sound levels are moderate when crowded.
Hot chocolate drinks recommended;
Banana Waffles’mores;
Chocolate licking candy.
Only a few wines made of glass are listed on the wine list, and a chocolate --
A sweet cocktail made of milk or white chocolate.
Breakfast is $5. 50 to $12. 75.
$6 for lunch and dinner. 95 to $13. 75.
Dessert and sweet drinks for $2. 75 to $12. 50.
Broadway location Time, 8 in the morning. m. to 11 p. m.
Monday to Thursday, 1 in the morning. m.
Friday and Saturday9 a. m. to 11 p. m. Sunday.
Location 10 Second Avenue. m. to 11 p. m.
Sunday to Thursday, 1 in the morning. m.
Friday and Saturday
Reservations for only 15 or more people are accepted and only reservations from Monday morning to Friday afternoon are accepted.
Major credit cards.
Wheelchair access and main dining area in two restaurants on the street;
Accessible restroom
The rating of the ad star ranges from zero to four stars, reflecting the commenters reaction to food, atmosphere and service, and taking into account the price.
Menu lists and prices may change. 841 Broadway (
East nine Street)
Greenwich Villa 2-12388-
0030 websiteMenu singlepage. com/max-brenner-2Price $$ (moderate)
What does the range from zero to four stars mean.
Zero is poor, fair or satisfactory. One star, good.
Two stars, very good.
Three stars. great.
Four stars, extraordinary.
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