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World Pasta Day 2018: The ultimate ranking of pasta shapes - most common restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-25
World Pasta Day 2018: The ultimate ranking of pasta shapes  -  most common restaurant dishes
It's one of the easiest and fastest things to do, but if it's done well, it's probably one of the most delicious and comforting foods in the world.
We all like pasta, we are overwhelmed by all kinds of pasta
No matter what the pasta is actually made of, one of the most controversial dining dilemmas may be to choose the shape of the pasta.
Are you safe to play with pasta, have fun with Falle, or push the boat out with papadel?
We investigated friends, colleagues and pasta experts to identify the best and worst types of pasta.
Disclaimer: the judge rule for filling pasta and sheets will not be part of the consideration.
No one seems to have a bad rating of these curly pasta from Puglia, according to Marina Dentamaro of the top Italian restaurants and shops Lina store, orecchiette is the best pasta shape.
"This pasta shape is very consistent with vegetables, especially cime di rapa, a special type of broccoli and fresh peppers," said Dentamaro . ".
"The best thing is handmade --
No eggless and slightly chewy-
Authentic taste of Southern Italy.
She added that orecchiette was also great with a meat sauce or pasta salad.
It's not the most common pasta, but most people who try it like it: "You can do a lot of different things with it, super consistent, like a mini bowl, so every one has sauce.
"Sometimes some of them stick together, it's always a good thing," Chloe said . ".
"It fits the end of your tongue! ” says Lucy.
It is indeed praise.
Probably one of the most comforting pasta
Especially with Huang-
Tarantelle is a real person. pleaser.
"It's like udon noodles in Italian food," Kaz said . " This also makes it richer.
Others point out that tarantel has an advantage over its thin sister pasta: "It grinds more sauce," Martha said . ".
There is no denying that shells are very interesting.
You're eating shells! Such fun.
These pasta.
If you want to get all that fantasy-
It's basically a good choice.
"You mix the sauce together, like 'Where the damn sauce went, 'and then you bite like 'Oh, it's there,'" Jamie notes '. ".
"What an exciting way to eat the right food?
He was neither wrong nor one: "If you are eating bologna then a little bit will get stuck inside and let the taste explode," Maddy agreed.
"This is a shell.
What is not love?
"The pasta salad is also delicious, such as oriecchette.
Carrying love in long, thick shapes (steady on)
The big and wide pasta was ranked fourth.
Its length and width (please stop)
, Pappardelle seems to be more indulgent than the narrow priest: "Pappardelle all the way!
"It's like a thicker version of tagliatelle," Anna notes . ".
"It feels like a real enjoyment," Olivia said . ".
This is where things start to split.
Pasta is one of our main pasta.
After all, who doesn't like a big spag bol? -
A lot of people are super fans.
"It's too thin, so you can get a good sauce to the pasta ratio," says Rachel M . ".
"It's always done perfectly, although it's hard to eat," added Charlotte . ".
But a lot of people think pasta is annoying, hard to eat, messy, and overrated: "Who would think that rolling pasta to 30 cm to 2mm would improve the eating process? ! ” asked Alex W.
This is an effective question. Little-
Bucatini is a famous pasta in Britain with a hole in the middle.
Helen called it a "surprise" and Emily said it was great because "it kept its teeth and the sauce was in the middle all the time.
"It sounds like if more people are trying to get barcatini, it could be climbing all the way up the rankings.
Similar to the situation of bacatini is Pipi, which is thick and hands
Roll pasta, like fat pasta (
But there is no hole in the middle, bacatini).
Thick is great, as we know it: "I like thick, in fact it's hands --
"So you can get a change," notes Ibrahim . ".
"It's not uniform and feels more rustic, and it's a great choice for stews because it can collect everything around it.
Marieke agreed that she had pici in Tuscany (
Where does pasta come from)
Truffle sauce and "Fall in Love ".
"But let's be honest, most of us fall in love with truffle sauce.
From Blur to everyday
The eighth place is fusilli.
Or, as they know, rotate and rotate.
Sally said: "Some fusilli fans like it because it is easy to eat:" It is easier to eat than spaghetti and tarantel, and it is easier to eat than penne, penne will(
We're going to penne. Don't worry. )
Its texture is also interesting: Marieke said: "I like to season with a thick sauce because it stays well between the grooves so you don't lose it when you take a bite
But there is no denying that it is also a relatively common pasta: "I really hate fusilli very much.
They angered me, "said Sophia.
A real Italian).
Like pasta, Linguine has a wider shape and an oval shape. it is a good pasta.
But the problem is that no one has a strong opinion on linguine.
No one.
So we have nothing to say about it.
More commonly known as angel hair (
Why don't we know?
Do angels have different hair from the rest of us? )
According to Thea, capellini's main selling point is its cooking time: "It's like pasta, but there's no faff . ".
"For those who have no patience to eat pasta (like me)
You can cook in half the time.
"But carperini is also very sticky, and the thin texture is a bit strange:" I hate angel hair, "Amber said.
"It made me feel like I was suffocated by my actual hair. ” Eww.
Flat, thick,
Fettuccine is like tagliatelle, but wider.
To be honest, it's like the brothers and sisters that tagliatelle is forgotten.
Maybe the middle child.
Between the crowd. pleaser first-
Baby born in pasta and the papadel family.
You are delicious and just ignored.
One day you will get the appreciation you deserve.
Large tube with ridges in the middle, rigatoni is a delicious pasta.
If the texture of the pasta itself is not enough to create a sensational experience for your taste buds, then each tube will be filled with delicious sauce.
How much will you get? Who can say?
Every bite is a surprise. if it's not life, we don't know what it is.
But since it's not very common, is it essentially just penne, but a little more tempting? Perhaps.
This is the most fashionable one at the moment, but Dentamaro from Lena's store thinks Orzo is overvalued and should not be so popular.
"I often eat this pasta when I'm sick at home, and my mom cooks orzo in broth to take care of me," she said . ".
"This is the only use I will do!
No pasta salad or other sauces.
But a lot of people will think that orzo has its advantages: "Orzo is very strong.
This is Daniel Craig from Italy, "Dave said.
Alex W added: "I can really eat about a kilo before I'm full . " This is either a good thing or a bad thing according to your life goals.
Very simple, very comfortable, very fashionable-
Yes, regular mac 'n' cheese is now usually served in a dining cart with lobster and truffle oil for £ 7.
But Dentamaro thinks macaroni is actually the worst pasta.
Obviously, since macaroni is essentially penne and rigatoni's favorite, it's not an authentic Italian shape and it's-
Surprise-more American.
"I find it difficult to combine with any type of sauce (
Except mac 'n cheese in the US),” she says.
Still, mac 'n cheese is undoubtedly delicious: "Macaroni is the best because it always eats with cheese," says Freya, which is definitely a good thing.
Dave added: "I was excited about the macaroni because it brought back the memories of Grandma and the density of each scoop of macaroni was also impressive because they were small, well put together to make an effective point of view. Oh farfalle.
Falle, Falle, falle.
You look beautiful, you promise a lot, but you are often disappointing.
Like the super handsome guy in the gym, it turns out he can barely speak.
"They didn't bring unnecessary quirks to the bar," Helen said . ".
She is not alone.
"The worst part is Falle, because the middle is not always cooking, the flat part is slippery and dumb," added Charlotte . ".
Ibrahim said it was his childhood favorite until he realized that he liked them only because of their bows --
The tie shape and they actually had a hard time picking up the fork.
Still, there are very few farfalle fans, like Rachel A, who thought they picked up the sauce well, meaning no slur mouth.
If we learn one thing from this experiment, it is that there is a lot of hatred in the world for Pann.
This is the basic bitch of the pasta world and has been attacked as "normal", "standard" and "boring ".
"It always tastes like soap and I don't know why," said Channon . ".
"Somehow, I always managed to make it taste like a sludge," added Alex B . "
No one is excited about penne. It’s fine. It’s nice.
This is the girl your parents don't mind you getting married, but she will never give you butterflies in your belly, flashes in your eyes, or fireworks on you --know-where.
Don't be content with penne, you can do better.
Another thing we learned in this ranking study is that there are a lot more types of pasta than we know: gemelli, mafaldine, linguini cavatappi and stringozzi are all named collections.
But the pasta is delicious.
According to Matteo Polgrossi of La Tua Pasta, the worst pasta is smooth because it "does not allow the sauce to stick to the pasta.
He said that all this is related to the matching of pasta sauce: "Carbonara sauce is often matched with pasta, spaghetti sauce and pasta, and garlic sauce with trofie.
"Oh, don't put ketchup on the pasta.
When it comes to cooking top
You need patience, says Dentamaro: "Good sauce takes cooking time --
The slower the better!
She also said it is important to choose the best quality ingredients: "It may be more expensive, but you will not go wrong . ".
But what are Dentamaro's most important tips for making delicious pasta?
"Always full of love and passion.
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