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world cuisine: interesting food stories from around the world - what is the most expensive restaurant dish in the world

by:Two Eight     2019-09-09
world cuisine: interesting food stories from around the world  -  what is the most expensive restaurant dish in the world
If someone asks about the food in Argentina, they will be told that Argentina is the birthplace of the kimiheri recipe.
There are places in the world famous for their food;
Italy, for example, is considered the home of pizza, where pineapple is linked to Hawaii, but Argentine food is exported all over the world.
The standard chimichurri recipes include different amounts of garlic and parsley, along with spices, lemons, and occasionally tomatoes, but it is said that the sauce is garlic.
It is usually used for beef and fish, but it is also a great marinade for chicken and shrimp. Like most well-
It is well known that the exact birthplace of the chimichurri recipe is difficult to determine, but there is more debate about the name.
Some say the sauce was invented by an Irish man named Jimmy McCurry during the early 18 th century revolution.
The story is like this, McCurry is a great supporter of General Belgrano, who not only fought side by side with the general, but also cooked for them, thus making the first kimiheri recipe.
Jimmy McCurry is a very difficult name in local Spanish, so the locals call him chimichurri, the name is transferred to the dishes.
Another report says Jimmy Curry or James C. Hurley, a British meat importer, invented the popular sauce.
However, chef Miguel Blasco told us that chimichurri was the most likely to be invented.
He claims that the word chimichurri is a corruption of the phrase "che mi curry" translated to me for curry.
It is likely to be used during the historic period after Britain tried to invade Argentina.
The prisoners said that when they wanted a sauce for food, they would say that the phrase was used as the name of the sauce invented there over time.
This is a sauce that is very versatile and can also be used as a marinade, but is most commonly used as a beef sauce.
So, next time you grill, why not make it into Asado (Argentine BBQ, cooking with beef, chicken and fish) and offer some chimichurri sauce.
Chimichurri recipes can be created in a variety of different ways, and there are various recipes on the Internet that can help you create a recipe that you and your family and friends will love.
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