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world cuisine - best food in the world by country - what is the most expensive restaurant dish in the world

by:Two Eight     2019-09-09
world cuisine - best food in the world by country  -  what is the most expensive restaurant dish in the world
Food, food. . glorious food!
Isn't it always a pleasure to talk about food?
What's more wonderful than exploring the best grugru in the world?
Continue to read and taste the world-famous mouth-watering cuisine.
Enjoy a gourmet tour of Paris, Singapore, London, Hong Kong and Dublin. Bon appetit!
Food is a global phenomenon.
It bridges cultures and fills gaps, but in some strange cases it even leads to war.
There have been many wars in history, and food has always been the focus of debate.
It may sound stupid, but it's true.
The famous "Pig War" between British and American troops stationed in the San Juan Islands in 1859 is a good example.
That may be why Neil Gaiman quoted the famous words in the good omen, "Civilization is two meals, 24-
A few hours away from barbarism.
"No matter how history revolves around food, a bowl of hot soup will always comfort the soul.
In terms of food and delicious food, there are many places around the world that are worth exploring and tasting.
The three most delicious cities in the world are Paris, Singapore and London.
This is why: Paris, the City of Lights is the charming capital of France.
The history of French cuisine was rooted in the Middle Ages.
From the beginning of the French Revolution to the aristocratic escape from France, the French cooking stage has developed from the way of life of farmers to food.
It is Auguste escofiere that gives its unique structure and flavor to the fine French cuisine.
Like the complexity of the British theater, there are different parts of French cuisine, each played by the chef.
The cold dish is handled by an avant-garde manger, the main course is for the processing of sauces and vegetables, the barbecue shop ignores the preparation of the grill and grill, and the pastries and desserts are made
With such a detailed history of food, it is true that France is called the world food.
There are many delicious places to eat in Paris.
The crisp notes of freshly baked bread or long-stick bread whisper straight on the heartstrings.
The best place to taste French sticks is Giles levaslow, Le Grier's pain or olevin Dandan in abeth.
Dig out the delicious juicy duck meat at La Fontaine de Mars or Le Petit Canard by Henry Monnier in San Dominique.
For Pastry lovers, the taste of crispy croissants in the French bakery can bring magic, and the sweet souffl is the buzzword among them.
Le souffle of Thabor Mountain and Le Recamier of Recamier are the best places to make these sweet clouds of your sins covered with a little snow sugar.
Singapore is influenced by a variety of cultures, and Singapore has a rich tradition of eating.
Rice, noodles and seafood are tied to the diverse culinary influences of Asia, Malay, China and Europe.
The street food in Singapore is fresh and offers an easy way to enjoy the food.
The best food in Singapore is undoubtedly traditional food, such as fried carrot cake stalls in Kensington Park, soft steamed snacks in Jalan Besar, Sims Ave and Chinatown, or oyster omelet in Yangon.
Kaya toast is a staple for breakfast in Singapore.
The best places to eat are Kipling Road, East Coast Road, Red Forest Green community center and Far East Square.
If you want to experience more delicious food, try a bowl of lak sand and chili crab.
Golden clock Road Mall, East Coast Road and Jalan Berseh offer a great bazaar for Laksa.
Geylang, East Coast Park Avenue and muarina are the best places to eat chili crabs.
Somewhere in London, in the middle of the traditional roast chicken and roast chicken, London absorbs many different flavors.
The Romans, Vikings and Normans played a vital role together in defining today's British cuisine.
The alleys of this part of Britain are full of multicultural food and culture.
Today, London has become the food capital of the world.
There are more Michelin-starred restaurants than France.
Some dishes are always British favorites.
Nothing is more delicious than fish and chips.
Grab a good plate of this British staple at the Poppy restaurant in Shoreditch, spietelde or Camden.
The British love of Wellington's delicious beef should not be ignored.
Named after the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo, this dish is a national treasure.
To get a spoonful of this dish, go to Bob Ricard in Mayfair area, or go to Old Smith in Smithfield in fallington.
Walk to the side in Peckham and grab the crispy fluff of Yorkshire pudding with a hearty Sunday BBQ or run to Ms. Abercorn's bar and kitchen to eat one of your favorite Wonderful
Hong Kong-style cuisine has a wide range of Chinese influences in taste and taste.
The skyline of the city is a painful sight of the eyes at night.
Between the gleaming skyscrapers and the ambitious metropolis, the city's busy streets offer the best food fair to celebrate the fusion of Cantonese and Chinese cuisine.
There is nothing like the sight of a perfectly roasted goose hanging on the iron bars of a local street restaurant in Hong Kong.
Some of the best places to do this are Yue Ji, Ting Jiu's Mandarin restaurant, Yak restaurant in central, and Kam roast goose in Wan Chai.
There is a popular culture of drinking Chinese tea in Hong Kong called Yum tea.
The sucking of hot tea is accompanied by soft and delicious steamed buns or dim sums.
These delicious snacks can be filled with both vegetables and juicy meat, either chicken, duck or pork, as well as exciting broth.
The most famous one is Schuan-styled.
Experience the best wontons in Hong Kong and head to Lokcha tea house in Hong Kong Park, Lin Heung Tea House in Sheung Wan, Clippers lounge or Luk Yu Tea House in the center.
The moment Ireland comes to your mind, the warm and welcoming taste of the sumptuous Irish stew begins to play with your culinary senses.
The breeze notes of Celtic music combine with Irish stews and soups to bring you an unparalleled feast of cuisine.
Healthy Irish cuisine is a symbol of its rich culture and tradition.
Since ancient times, it has been fortified by rich pastures and the beaches of rural Ireland.
The Irish were fascinated by their salty beef and fluffy soda bread.
The champion is a popular potato dish, and another Irish favorite is Colcannon, prepared with potatoes and cabbage.
The best place to enjoy Irish cuisine is O'Neal Bar n kitchen in Suffolk Street, Pier Irish restaurant in Temple Bar and old warehouse bar in Crown Lane.
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