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working in a restaurant doing dishes 10 things restaurant owners are dying to tell you

by:Two Eight     2019-08-09
working in a restaurant doing dishes 10 things restaurant owners are dying to tell you
Do you like to go to a restaurant?Why not?Favorite place for everyone!All emotions and drama can be felt in the restaurant.For many restaurant owners it is a passion to have your own restaurant and the dream comes true and you may treat it as a baby --Constantly there in all the chaos, can't trust anyone because no one will like it as much as you do.But as with other businesses, restaurants always try to make themselves more creative and distinctive and provide better food for their customers.In addition, it is difficult for the restaurant to maintain the consistency of its customers.Not only does food attract customers, but the way you treat them has always been valued.We don't know, but the fact is that the restaurant owners have a lot of ideas, but that doesn't mean they will always express them.Here are some insider news I want to share with you today!From ...... 1 start.They just hate online coupons.Many customers have misconceptions about group buying and restaurants.A friend of the restaurant owner.In reality, no, they're not!They just help them get more customers and they will come back again if they like their food.
In many cases, customers visit regularly and use only group buying or restaurants.Ultimately, the restaurant business was damaged economically.According to Frank Lombardy, the owner of Lombardy's Trattoria in ReadingT."It should be the first time to introduce the restaurant's stuff to diners," said ".By the way, it made us feel like you requested to use our restaurant bathroom.2.They like to pay in cash.When you pay cash and tip their waiter as a reward for their service;They took it home, which was hostile to the owners.But even the boss likes cash.I know many customers prefer to use credit card payments to earn free points, but for restaurants, the cost of processing credit card transactions through Visa/MC is too high.Be sure to keep this in mind when you visit any restaurant.3.They stab with numbers.I know this can be a very harmful thing for many customers, but to be honest, it's true.Yes, they use digital means to make customers realize that they eat at a very competitive price, so they ask for more.
They turned a $20 meal into a $19 meal.Also, some restaurants are professional in these numbers and they even use something like $19.85.Premium restaurants don't use expensive things as you know.4.They earn less than you think.Behind every fruit restaurant is a diligent team.They need to be paid.When you enter a business, your goal is to make a profit, but it is not easy in the restaurant industry.According to the analysis, the capital and time problems faced by most startups are about 60-70% of restaurant accounting expenses are wages, taxes, labor costs and food and beverage costs;The remaining amount is used for other expenses, including direct operating expenses, rent, property taxes, etc.So don't get rid of your misconceptions by looking at the rush in the restaurant.5.They use meaningless words to make plain things sound more interesting.This strategy is common in restaurants.They use this meaningless language to attract customers to buy the dish.For example, they use words like "beetroot.Ahh!The beet means the root, but the root of the beet sounds more interesting than the beet.Now you understand why you are craving unique items on the menu.6.They don't like browsing websites.In this digital world, people like surfing, and they use websites like Yelp to decide their diet.It is difficult to analyze the customer's mentality.
If they find anyone who criticizes them for possibly avoiding the restaurant, they may check the reviews and visit the restaurant at the same time.So it would be beneficial if these sites could help improve the bugs, the restaurant owner would love the reviews, but no bad reviews are available.So, decide whether you go or go according to your own choice according to the comments.7.They don't use dollar symbols on the menuIt's a little psychological trick, but it's relatively effective.Most restaurants do not use the dollar symbol on the menu because the dollar symbol reminds customers of the problem with money.Interesting?When you do not see any signs of dollars, you do not think of how much you will spend or how much this food will cost you;You just need to order it.Also, keep in mind the fact that you won't order something cheaper without the dollar symbol.8.The free stuff is too expensive.Many times, people will ask for more bread or butter and the restaurant will provide it to you.But what if every customer asks for more?This may be expensive.Well, give more bread to a person or a day or two.3 customers, although providing more food to each customer every day will increase the daily expenses, because the cost of bread, butter, olive oil is higher than you think.Avoid asking for more or paying for what you ask.9.They hate "no show"When you book a table for any special occasion and don't show up, it really destroys the restaurant owner's night.Because when you call to book the table;With the boss, even the staff began to prepare for the evening as they accurately calculated how many people were left.Also, if you have a table in a small restaurant and it doesn't show up, it may reduce their walking timeCausing losses.10.They will take care of every little thing.From the aroma of the restaurant to the music, lighting, the shape of the dishes and bowls, the color of the napkins, the restaurant owner is responsible for every small aspect of their restaurant.As the motto says, "The restaurant is a compilation of the choices made by the owner.If you look around a restaurant, everything represents an option: Salt bottles on the table, artwork on the wall, uniform of the waiter ".Don't underestimate the restaurant, everything they offer is very careful.Wrap-
Now that you understand the inside story of the restaurant, you will be happy to go to the restaurant with your friends to order wine, eat food, create memories and write well.
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