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Why You Should Never Marry a Greek - is washing dishes in a restaurant hard

by:Two Eight     2019-09-26
Why You Should Never Marry a Greek  -  is washing dishes in a restaurant hard
One of the most famous Greeks of modern times is the aristores (Telis) Onassis, a millionaire ship owner, also known as the husband of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
People of a certain age will definitely know him. young people should go to him.
Like all Greeks, he used to enjoy visiting countless remote, cheap, local bouzouki taavernas with their own unique character that you can only find in Greece. . . . . Just kidding! . http://degreek. hubpages.
So, if you think this is extreme, I will naturally not blame you.
Now in order to better understand my story, it is important to understand why we break the plate.
It is impossible for foreigners to understand that foreigners think that we are doing this for the sake of noise, or for some old tradition that has long been forgotten. Wrong.
We are the only race that destroys money to prove that we have a good time.
I 've seen people actually match and burn notes.
In the past, when a particularly beautiful girl was singing, the waiter burned a bottle of whiskey in the middle of the dance floor, and he looked at the girl.
He told her at the time that a bottle of $100, look, I don't care about the money, I only care about you.
In Greece, it has become illegal to break plates in public places, so people throw flowers for the same purpose, because for obvious reasons, these pubs are sold at too high a price.
For example, a few years ago, I attended a shipping exhibition in Athens because I had signed a very important contract at that time, I stayed at the Romeo Tavern for three days (you should check it out if you find yourself in Athens ).
It cost me $16,000 in total and no more than $3,000 for food and drinks.
The rest was thrown away by flowers. . .
Back to our story.
Like everyone else, Onassis went to one of the pubs and had a good time. âx80x9cMr.
Onassis, please help me here, I am desperate.
I came here with the love of my life and I will propose to her tonight.
I need to impress her so when you come out can you pass by my desk and say "good evening" to me?
This will impress her and I will always be grateful to you.
Onassis agreed, the staff went back to his desk and Onassis came out of the toilet a few minutes later.
He looked around and found the table where George was sitting, walked up to him, and was in a good mood and decided to pack it up.
George, how are you, my old friend? âx80x9d he says.
Where did you disappear?
I haven't seen you for a while. why don't you call me back?
If I told you once, I told you many times, don't interrupt me when I'm with a woman! . .
Who may think maturity is a guarantee of the rational behavior of Greeks of any gender.
Most foreigners know the Syrtaki dance because of the movie "Zorbas the Greek", but the most private dance for our Greeks is Zeimbekiko, one will dance alone, out of respect, others will leave the dance floor to him, simply kneel by his side, clap the tune, in a tradition, it dates back to the time when the original dance creator would fight with anyone who was rude enough to get in the way of the dance.
Now women also dance this dance, mainly male, and sometimes a group of friends may dance on the dance floor.
This is Dean's favorite dance when he rarely dances. . .
If you think it's hard, you're right.
So what happens when you're drunk and can't play sports?
What matters is your emotions. .
As for men, think about it if you think women are more meaningful than men.
Think twice about dating a Greek woman.
It's gone downhill and there's nothing to save them, so what's done, things don't get worse, so jump in whenever the opportunity comes up and the devil takes on all our problems. .
What kind of madman will dance after the butcher's name?
Hasapiko (buchers dance) was named in honor of this glorious profession and later developed into the famous Syrtaki, or zorba Dance dance,. .
Finally, it is not subtle to ignore the traditionalists and tourists, so here is the famous scene in the movie "Greek Zoba.
The story was written by an outstanding writer and a real Greek Nicos Kazantzakis, who can know the Greek mentality like everyone else, and what the actors are discussing is, they just lost everything and they were financially destroyed.
When Zorbas says "I 've never loved a man more than you", the true male confidence in his sexual orientation allows him to speak out comfortably, don't worry about it being taken away rather than what it expected. . .
So, the jailers, listen to the wisdom of mature men, and stay away from the Greeks.
If you do not, you may die happily or happily, but you will surely die miserably.
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