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why do restaurants reuse utensils or dishes Why Do They Call Them Mother Sauces?

by:Two Eight     2019-08-09
why do restaurants reuse utensils or dishes Why Do They Call Them Mother Sauces?
The concept of having mom sauce to make most of the other sauces is a relatively new one.Like Fire, sauces are also used for cooking.The sauce in French cuisine dates back to the Middle Ages.In those days, sauces are used to cover up the bad texture and taste of spoiled meat or to preserve other foods by blocking the air.In the year 00 s, the father of classic cuisine, Antonin CamMe, designed an extensive list of sauces, with an estimated number of hundreds, since most of them were his --time creations.My students at the cooking school won't be excited to remember hundreds of sauces, so they thank Augusta escofi.Escoffier, the "King of the King's chef and the King of the chef", simplifies most of Careme's luxurious and long efforts by listing only five of what we call "mother sauce" todayThere are two ingredients for all sauces, one is liquid and the other is a seasoning.The most commonly used concentrator is Roux.However, the combination of fat and starch is not the only way to thicken the sauce, so it sticks to the food, which is why these five sauces are so tricky.
The most commonly used list on escofield is Beckham.This is done when milk is thickened with roux to form a basic white sauce.Bechamel is the start of all cheese sauce, Alfredo sauce, mushroom sauce and the new sauce you will create from the first parent sauce.
Chicken or fish can also be thickened with roux to create a sauce with a specific flavor of fish or chicken, while also replenishing the food with body and texture.Veloute is most often used with items that give flavor.The grilled or fried fish is great.Egg rolls are the perfect choice to add moisture to the roast chicken breast with minimal effort.
The previous two Masterbatch are white or ivory because they are made of milk or raw materials and white or beige gravy.None of these elements add color to the sauce.But a brown gravy and Brown tomato sauce will definitely add a unique brick red to create Espagnole.As you continue to cook the gravy until the gravy becomes nut brown, add another cold beef made of caramelized bones and vegetables, you will get a brown sauce with a lot of color and texture.Don't forget that the quality of your ingredients is the most important when making these sauces, because the most delicious ingredients will produce the sauce with the best taste.
Tomato sauce is one of the sauces that mom uses, but no one seems to be aware of it.It's because it seems like everyone made ketchup, but you 've never heard anyone brag about their grandma's Veloute or Bechamel sauce!Ketchup may be the simplest of the top five sauces to make, but it also requires maximum patience.Peeled and seed tomatoes are called "Concasse" (con-ka-Said), and as a liquid element.The process of evaporation and reduction of tomato sauce and through simmering juice is a thickening agent.
The fifth and most refined of the mother's sauce is the Dutch sauce.If you like Sunday brunch including Benedict eggs, you 've had this sauce before.It is butter-like, creamy, and a little fuzzy and velvet texture when made correctly.The Clarified butter is stirred into the egg yolk on the double furnace to produce the emulsion, mix the two non-blended items together and keep them suspended, which may be the EgyptianThe mother material itself does not taste very similar and is actually bland.They should be a blank canvas with the chef adding flavor and texture to the canvas and making a "small" sauce from the mother.Beckham needs cheese, oregano and basil for tomatoes, and a few drops of lemon and a little pepper for the Netherlands.They all need a little help and creative effort before they can be pulled down by the perfectly cooked meat you make.Whatever inspiration you get from the five originals, make sure they remember and respect their mother!See chef Todd's mother sauce live cooking class.
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