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why do restaurants reuse utensils or dishes Foods for Stress

by:Two Eight     2019-08-10
why do restaurants reuse utensils or dishes Foods for Stress
Foods with too much stress can cause many adverse reactions to the body.From elevated blood pressure to fatigue, sleep problems, pain, and more.Stress can lead to inflammation in the body, which is the core of most diseases affecting the human body.We will give you some examples of stressful foods, but we will break them down into each category of macro foodsCompared to bad food, nutrients make it easy for people to see good food.There are two categories of nutrients: macro-Nutrition and Micronutrients.Macro-There are four categories of nutrients;Carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber.Micro-Nutrition is something like vitamins and minerals.It is important that we know how these nutrients are used in our bodies and the best source to get them in our diet.The more you know, the healthier you will be!Today, carbs are the target of many fashionable diets.They provide the energy necessary for the brain and body to function.The key is that we eat them in their original form.This is the way they are going to eat.Keep in mind that the whole carbs are rich in vitamins and minerals, and because they contain protein and fiber, they tend to prevent spikes and declines in blood sugar.

French cuisine-50% of your daily calorie intake should come from this group of foods on the day you exercise, and 30% of your calories come from the days you don't exercise.Carbs are important and that's another reason we mentioned earlier.When you lose weight, you will not only lose fat, but also lose muscle tissue.When the body is deprived of heat by fat due to energy, it will need muscle tissue and burn it in a process called sugar production (the big word for getting glucose from alternative sources)If you take away the fat of carbs, eating enough carbs will keep a good source of energy in the body.This energy will then save muscle tissue from being used as an energy source, and you can keep your muscles and burn fat.The good news is that keeping more muscles will not only make you look great, but it is a highly metabolized tissue, which means it takes a lot of energy to keep it running.Then it will get part of the energy from burning fat!So keeping more muscles will make you lose weight faster!Remember to recycle carbohydrates.60% calories on your day of exercise and 30% calories on the day you don't exercise.To help track your intake, a gram of carbs will produce four calories in the body.This is a macro protein food.The nutrients that will cheer you up!Protein is part of most of the tissues that make up your body.Muscle tissue is most associated with protein.It is important to have enough protein in the diet to keep the muscle tissue happy, but it is also important for skin, hair, nails, stomach, hormone production and DNA replication.The problem is that many times protein-rich foods are rich in saturated fat and cholesterol.Most animal products fall into this category unless efforts are made to remove fat from meat before it is served.Meat must be cooked to ensure that any harmful bacteria are destroyed before eating.Cooking is a form of processing that reduces the biological content of proteinsavailable.So be careful not to overcook or burn the protein.This is also important because if you cook animal fat it causes fat to be converted into trans fatFatty acids that cause cancer or cancer.These are some of the reasons why I prefer to get protein mainly from vegetable and grain sources.

Cooked meat processed meat during the days of your exercise, 30% of the calories you consume should come from this group.On days when you don't exercise, this may increase to 50% to help you recover from the previous day's exercise.As far as you know, a gram of protein produces four calories in the body.Consuming excess protein that exceeds the amount needed to build new muscles can be dangerous, as research has linked this diet to making blood more acidic than normal, leading to osteoporosis and kidney stones.In fact, healthy and unhealthy fats are very important nutrients.The body has a lot of demand for fat.One is the long-term energy we discussed before.The other is healthy brain function.In fact, the brain is mainly made up of fat.Fat is also important for cell membrane formation and hormone production, which can isolate and protect your important organs and transport fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.The problem with fat is that in a typical American diet we tend to consume too much and the wrong type.This is because the greasy food tastes good.We were programmed from the beginning to enjoy the taste of fat because it was important.When we don't know when or even what day the next meal is, it's great that we eat a fat meal to store energy for a long time.Obviously, most people in this country are no longer worried about this, so fat consumption should be limited.Most health experts only recommend 10-20% of the calories per day come from fat.There is healthy fat and unhealthy fat.The saturated species of animal fat is high, which means that it not only sticks to your ribs, but also sticks to the walls of your arteries in the form of plaques.This is one of the main causes of heart disease.That's why I recommend lean meat only once in a while.I suggest you eat different sources of fat such as plants and fish oil in a week to balance omega-3 and omega-6 in your diet.These fats actually help improve the beneficial cholesterol in the blood and are healthy for the arteries and hearts.In addition, there is also mixed oil in most health food stores such as Udo's©Perfect Blend oil.They are in the cold storage area and should be placed in the refrigerator at home in order to keep the oil fresh.Remember, when you cook fat, they can be converted into trans fat if they are cooked for a long time or over-heatedFatty acids that cause cancer.That's why I suggest you use only a very small amount of oil when cooking, and add more oil if you like the last few minutes of cooking completion or cooking time.Here are some examples of good and bad fat.

(In many processed foods) fat should not exceed 20% of the daily calorie intake.A gram of fat produces 9 calories in the body.High fiber food if you eat a large amount of food listed above, you will get a large amount of natural fiber in your diet.The fibers are divided into two categories: soluble and non-soluble.Soluble fibers help to reduce plaque in arteries, while insoluble fibers help to keep the digestive system clean.
The best choice for super stress-resistant foods is fruits and vegetables.Raw food is the best way to eat these foods so as not to lose any healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes that may be lost during cooking.I like to eat 6-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.An easy way to get more of these foods is to eat at least one salad a day, including green vegetables, other colored vegetables such as peppers and pumpkins, add some fruits such as avocados or apples, replenish protein with nuts or fish.You can then season with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil to get healthy fat.Another way to enjoy fruits and vegetables is to make milkshakes in a blender.Combine any combination you like and add some water and honey to taste.One of my favorite foods is to add vegetables, peppers, avacado, apples, carrots, celery and pineapple, some water and honey.Experiment and find out your favorite combination.This is fast food you can really eat!Stress foods are foods that fight their physical effects.If you eat too much food on the bad list, then they will put more pressure on your life.Try to stick to a good food list and a lot of raw fruits and vegetables so that the pressure will not affect you so much!
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