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why do restaurants reuse utensils or dishes Braised Cod with Celery

by:Two Eight     2019-08-10
why do restaurants reuse utensils or dishes Braised Cod with Celery
The combination of ingredients in this recipe provides a delicious taste while providing you with a great source of health --Promote selenium, vitamin B12 and protein in the healthiest way of eating.It only takes you 30 minutes to finish your meal.Enjoy!

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1.Slice the onion and garlic and let it sit for 5 minutes to enhance its healthPromote interests.
2.Heat 1 TBS broth in 10-12 inch frying pan4-add healthy fried onion to medium fire broth5 minutes, stir frequently until translucent.
3.Add garlic, celery and stir fry for another minute.Add dried tomato Ding, green olives and the remaining broth.Stir, cover and sim on medium-Low for about 15 minutes, stir occasionally until the celery is soft.
4.Place cod, lemon, salt, pepper and chili slices on celery and continue to cook for 5 minutes or until the fish is cooked.This is our cooking method for stoves.Sprinkle coriander and serve.
Dishes like this, when cutting and cooking cod, it is best to buy fish slices that are cut thick.Do not use thin pieces because they will be loose.Don't cut the cut celery too small.This is the dominant vegetable in this recipe and should be cut into 1-The best in inches.Depending on the temperature of your stove, you may want to cook at medium temperature-low or low.This should be a strong blistering without boiling sauce.This will enhance the flavor without cooking sauces.If it looks dry, reduce the heat.You want a finished product with sauce.
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