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who does the dishes in a 4 star restaurant Patrick Swayze left at 57

by:Two Eight     2019-08-05
Dirty dance star Patrick swadze died of illness last Monday, September 14, 2009, at the age of 57.The actor was diagnosed with advanced four pancreatic cancer in January 2008.Still, despite the diagnosis, he went on to work, tidied up a memoir with his wife, and filmed the Beast, where he made the pilot episode.Swayze chose not to use painkillers in the filming of this A & e TV series.The actor said it would take advantage of his performance.Perhaps the decision has led to the show's audience reaching 1.The 13 episodes aired this year were watched by 3 million viewers, but then A & E reluctantly decided not to continue broadcasting next season.
In an interview with Barbara Walters, Swayze said five years were wishful thinking.He also said that he wanted to keep going until people found ways to cure his illness, such as building a fire under the disease.When his illness was made public, many people responded to his situation.Some say he has only lived for a few weeks, but according to his doctor, he is much more optimistic than that.The actor appeared on the last September live TV show "fighting cancer," and when he said "I have always dreamed of the future," he touched the hearts of many people, a healthy and long-lived future, one is not living under the shadow of cancer, but living in the light....I dream that the word "cure" is no longer followed by the word "impossible.He also wrote a column.The ed article in The Washington Post entitled "I am fighting cancer.Is there any help to Congress?\ ", In which he sought to provide maximum funding to the National Institutes of Health to fight cancer and to use it as part of an economic stimulus plan.Obviously, the actor tried everything he could to overcome the disease.Maybe you just don't know what will happen next.Patrick Swayze died peacefully with his family after facing the challenge of illness in the past 20 months.Fans and colleagues expressed condolences.He was greatly encouraged by celebrities in the fight against disease.
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