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White Pudding Recipes - most popular side dishes in restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-07
White Pudding Recipes  -  most popular side dishes in restaurants
The white pudding is not a dessert, but a oatmeal sausage with meat.
Here are some recipes for preparing this dish at home.
When it comes to traditional Irish breakfast, white pudding is almost essential.
This dish is also known in some areas as pig pudding or mealy pudding.
The production of white pudding is similar to black or blood pudding or blood sausage;
But the latter uses the blood of the animal, so it is black.
The white pudding is made of bread, oatmeal, pork, board oil (animal fat), etc.
Even onions and spices like cinnamon are used to make white puddings.
Earlier, the goat brain was also used as a ingredient for white pudding.
There are some vegetarian versions that do not contain animal fat.
The ingredients are ready and stuffed into the casing.
This sausage can be cooked as a whole or sliced.
It can also be eaten in the form of fried.
Take a large bowl and mix the ingredients together.
Some people soaked oatmeal first.
Even meat can be chopped with one or two small onions.
After completion, fill the ingredients in the sausage casing and seal them.
It is best to soak the casing in salt water overnight.
Cook or steam sausages on floors 165 to 175 (75 to 80.
The time limit for boiling is determined according to the thickness of the sausage.
It takes 1 minute per mm thickness.
The internal temperature of the cooked white pudding is 162f (72 C ).
Cook and let the sausage stay in hot water for a few minutes.
After that, put them in cold water.
This sausage can be eaten as soon as it is cooked, or sliced and fried after cooling.
Cook the oatmeal in the oven and chop the onions.
Take a large bowl and mix the onion and oatmeal with shredded beef, Jamaican pepper and salt.
Fill the sausage in the casing and seal it.
Cook the sausage before consumption.
You can also fry or store them for later use.
These are the easiest ways to make a white pudding.
You can add spices and other ingredients to make the dish more delicious.
There are different versions of the white pudding recipe to try at home.
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