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white fine bone china dinner sets Pottery Clay: How to Make Pottery

by:Two Eight     2019-08-17
white fine bone china dinner sets Pottery Clay: How to Make Pottery
Making pottery is a craft, an art form, and a hobby.
This can also be achieved as a form of income.
Another name for it is ceramic.
Make pottery by hand;
There are different clay processing methods such as coil pottery, pinch pottery, use of slabs and work or "throw" on pottery wheels ".
Various tools can be used to cut clay and make decorative marks.
A few years ago, I took a pottery class and learned how to make pots of various shapes such as bowls, cups, kettles and decorative works.
I love the feeling of the clay on my hand, to shape it into a finished product and to shape it into something admirable.
It's better to take some classes if you can, but reading and learning the basics is a good preparation for you to start making pottery.
Also, think about what you want to do in advance;
As a finished product, its size, shape and color and what its purpose is;
Function as an ornament or like a cup, kettle, plate or food bowl.
Maybe start with something simple, like a bowl, which can be used to put sugar, or even saved as an ornament.
Enjoy pottery clay making works of art.
Pottery is known to have Pottery (Red Terracotta Warriors and white ones), porcelain, pottery and bone porcelain.
Clay can be found on Earth, but most clay that can be purchased is used.
These two kinds of clay are powdered and liquid clay.
The powder must be mixed.
The clay must be prepared first to remove all the bubbles from the clay.
When I learned the lesson, we used to cut the clay into the size we needed, no matter what we were going to do;
It is cut into squares.
Then we hit each side of the square clay on the table to remove the particles and air.
The coils are made by rolling clay on a flat surface, making them long coils.
I started my pottery class and made a few coil cans.
The base is made by curling the coil and pushing it together, so there is no space at the bottom of the pot.
Then add more coils to the base by pressing both ends together to connect them together.
A little water or slippery (watering-
Lower clay) it may be necessary to soften the clay when connecting the fragments together and placing the coils on top of each other.
This involves squeezing the clay to shape it so that the shape in your mind will appear.
It's a good practice to have a feel for clay, and you can make different shapes in this way.
I used to make an old man's face with model clay;
Make some bowls and other items in this way.
Use this method to make flat objects such as squares and rectangles.
It can also be used to make circles or oval shapes, but is more suitable for making boxes.
I made a post box in this way and fixed it on the door post of the house I lived in.
Make a square box, first roll up some clay plates with a roller;
Make them uniform in thickness.
This can be achieved using guidelines.
When I knew I would do something with a few different clay pieces, I would cut the required amount of pieces from the main clay blocks and roll them into clay balls, and then I processed them separately.
First, however, prepare your main lump, throw it on each side several times, and place it on a flat surface to take out all the particles and air.
This throw should take place not far from your flat surface.
When making the box, cut the prepared pieces into squares with a pottery knife;
Then connect them together by watering them.
A clay mixture called slip.
If you are going to have a lid, remember to make a square for the lid.
It took me a long time to start using the pottery wheel and learn how to use it correctly.
Start driving right away if you want;
I like this method of making pottery more than anyone else.
The electric pottery wheel is used today, but the manual kick wheel can be used.
Place a piece of circular clay on the wheel and center it as the wheel runs.
Then open the center of the clay with one hand to shape the clay;
Erect the wall at the same time;
On the other hand, shape it outside the jar that is appearing.
Of course, it takes time and practice to work on pottery wheels to improve art;
Keep practicing until you get it right.
Shape the pan with both hands, one inside and the other outside.
Many pots of different sizes and shapes can be made using the "throwing method;
If you learn how to "throw" correctly, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can create.
As shown in the photo, both hands can be used to work and shape a jar.
When you are satisfied with what you have done, leave your pan in a safe place to dry for about three weeks;
It must be "hard leather" but not "backbone ".
To make the bottom of the pot attractive, turn it upside down so you can work on the wheel with pottery tools.
Your flowerpot can be decorated at different stages, including when dry.
When the flower pot shape was originally made in the design to create the pattern.
Scraffito is a way to scrape the pattern to the surface of the clay with a sharp stick or pottery tool.
Decorate your work with a pattern and apply it to a dry pan before firing.
This is to fire your finished pot in the kiln before glazing.
Pottery classes are usually prepared for all of your filling requirements, including firing your work in the kiln.
Electric kilns are often used, but there are others, such as wood. fired kilns.
The temperature used at Bisque ignition is 800 to 850 degrees for 12 hours.
After the temperature is completely cooled for 48 hours, let the temperature drop and remove the pottery.
The pottery shrinks when fired, and if it is heated too fast, it breaks: it must be fired slowly.
Next, you have to paint the pottery with the glaze and make the pattern in a color other than the base glaze.
There are many different glazes to choose from;
If you can, first look at the finished glazed cans for their color.
There are different ways of painting, pouring, dipping and so on.
I mainly use immersion.
The glazed pottery is re-
Heat the glaze to melt and seal the pot.
The finished product has the properties of glaze (they look like glaze) and become notporous.
Admire your finished products, use them at home as gifts, and even sell them.
Many of my gifts to my family are pottery made by me.
There are other launching methods, such;
Salt glaze ignition, smoke ignition, crystal ignition and Raku ignition.
Shooting with Raku can create some amazing effects.
The mold can also be used to make pots, but I have never used this method myself.
If you are keen to start with pottery, remember to enjoy the process while learning pottery, when you are proficient in pottery.
Ceramics or pottery are a useful pastime. Happy Potting!
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